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10 great personal style secrets

In our quest for stylish ecstasy, many of us perpetually chase those undefinable fashion rules that will transform our tortured spirits into sensual ‘Christmas trees’. The reality of great style lies in the following pearls of styling astuteness.

1. Attitude all the way

One of the most important secrets to having great style is to have a positive attitude. Whether you are down in the dumps professionally or wish and dream for luscious success, just remember not to let your attitude slither down — be open to the possibility that all will fall into place.

2. Partner with a great stylist

Rarely said but factually known, behind every great businessman is a brilliant stylist. The right stylist will help you make the best lifestyle choices.

Remember, there is no substitute for quality inputs in your overall look and style. A good stylist can make you look like a million bucks. Make it your life’s mission to find a great stylist and stick with him for the long haul.

3. Stylise and re-define your personal style

Know your character and understand what is natural in your look and character; don’t fight it.

Maximise your natural aura and work on making it your signature style. Select a realistic look that works well for you and for your lifestyle.

4. Avoid the temptation to follow the trend chasers

Find comfort in a personal look that works for you. Alter this selectively and slightly, with well-chosen accessories and fashions.

You will feel good once you have conquered and resisted the ever-changing style swings.

5. Invest in the best

If you don’t invest in yourself now and are waiting for an opportunity in the distant future, please wake up. An intelligently designed shirt or a fabulously cut suit can set you apart in an instant.

Limited resources do not mean you can’t have great products, though the reality is that you get what you pay for! Ask your stylist to recommend a well thought out wardrobe and accessories that are compatible with your budget.

6. Know it all

Logical and effortless reflection of knowledge is appealing to all segments of culture. Learn to speak when you have something qualitative to offer.

Current affairs, global news and a deeper understanding of the subject that you specialise in will keep you intellectually stimulated.

7. Your tools are your sword

In this age of ‘technoindianisation’, you are as good as the tools you use.

The right products used improperly are a waste of time and money. Even worse, using the wrong tools can actually scratch your disposition.

Invest in good tools and learn to use them correctly.

8. Pamper yourself

If you don’t plan regular appointments with your hairdresser, or the idea of a custom masseuse sounds ridiculous, think again. A little personal attention can work wonders for your self-esteem — an integral part of looking good.

9. Diet and nourishment

It’s true! The food you eat and the liquids you drink influence the look you project. Your general look depends on a nutritious diet, vitamins, good rest, exercise and lots of water.

Supplement your daily food plan with lots of water, healthy herbal teas and sugar-free fruit juices. Avoid extreme diets and radical food plans. If you must diet, supplement your food plan with vitamins that give you a complete balance of nutrients and herbs.

10. Be prepared for the unexpected, always!

Never take anything for granted or expect much from a good friend — if you do, you will be disappointed.

The answer to our personal style quest is simpler than we imagine and lies in a few simple, sensible steps in the right direction. It is through fashion, design, sense and sensibilities, we realise the truth of da Vinci’s words, that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

How the alphabets evolved

Hey Guys, here i present one pic which makes clear abt how the alphabets evolved from past centuries.

Cilck Here to view that image

One of Best Poem nominated for 2005

Poem by an African !

When I born, I Black,

When I grow up, I Black,

When I go in Sun, I Black,

When I scared, I Black,

When I sick, I Black,

And when I die, I still black…….

And you White fella,

When you born, you Pink,

When you grow up, you White,

When you go in Sun, you Red,

When you cold, you Blue,

When you scared, you Yellow,

When you sick, you Green,

And when you die, you Gray……..

And you calling me Colored ???????????

Chk out what your BOSS is doing

Wht your Boss is doing

Google to launch PCs for Rs. 9000

Christmas is near and you can expect a cool gift from Santa (Google) this time. Google is planning to launch PCs for markets in India and China. According to the report by India’s leading newspaper, Hindustan Times, (Report not available online) Google will be launching the PCs with California based Wyse technology.

The PCs won’t have CPU; they will be bundled with Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor. The PC will connect to the hosted system on their server and the remote OS will manage storage and functioning of the PC. This will keep PC away from virus and also provide secure solution for storage of the user data.

The PC will run on software created by Google; hardware and other technicalities will be managed by Wyse technology.

The PCs will be available for Rs. 9,000 (INR) i.e. approximately $200

This opens door for much talked Google OS, GBrowser and Google’s office application.

Ack : ~ TechBulletin


Ack :~ Kuldip Bhatt

WIFE: “What would you do if I died? Would you get married again?”
HUSBAND: “Definitely not!”

WIFE: “Why not – don’t you like being married?”
HUSBAND: “Of course I do.”

WIFE: “Then why wouldn’t you remarry?”
HUSBAND: “Okay, I’d get married again.”

WIFE: “You would? (with a hurtful look on her face).
HUSBAND: (makes audible groan).

WIFE: “Would you live in our house?”
HUSBAND: “Sure, it’s a great house.”

WIFE: “Would you sleep with her in our bed?”
HUSBAND: “Where else would we sleep?”

WIFE: “Would you let her drive my car?”
HUSBAND: “Probably, it is almost new.”

WIFE: “Would you replace my pictures with hers?”
HUSBAND: “That would seem like the proper thing to do.”

WIFE: “Would she use my golf clubs?”
HUSBAND: “No, she’s left-handed.”

WIFE: – – -silence – –
HUSBAND: “oh shit”

Airtel Launches Lifetime Offer

Airtel has introduced the “Lifetime” prepaid card with life time validity. This plan allows users to take a pre-paid connection with lifetime validity for a one time payment of Rs 999. The user can then continue to receive calls throughout their life without having to recharge.

The move is reportedly aimed at stopping the churn in the pre-paid subscriber base – once a subscriber takes this plan, he will remain an Airtel subscriber whether the mobile is in use or not. The “Lifetime” prepaid card also offers the user full talk time on every future recharge of any denomination and can be availed by all existing and potential mobile users.

Airtel aims to take affordability to a whole new level and maintains that this offer will open up new segments of the market. There is no change though in the airtime charges. All local calls will be charged at Rs 1.99 a minute and all STD calls will be charged at Rs 2.99 a minute.

In October, Tata Teleservices unveiled the “Non-Stop Mobile” for its prepaid customers wherein the scheme enabled users to get incoming calls for two years without re-charging. This scheme won the service provider one million new subscribers in November alone.

Source : ~ TechTree

India’s Infosys Beats Tata For Top Spot In Market Cap Stakes

NEW DELHI, Dec 23 Asia Pulse – Software giant Infosys (BSE:500179) on Thursday once again toppled Tata Consultancy Services (NSI:TCS) (TCS) from the top spot among Indian IT companies in terms of market capitalisation.

Though stock markets closed on a firm note after witnessing choppy trade, buying was seen in heavyweights stocks from the IT sectors.

Taking advantage of favourable conditions prevailing in the bourses, Infosys moved ahead of TCS with a market capitalisation of Rs 811.72 billion (US$17.9 billion) compared to Tata group entity’s Rs 808.32 billion.

Infosys now occupies the fourth position in terms of overall market capitalisation after Oil and Natural Gas Company (NSI:ONGC), Reliance Industries (NSI:RELIANC) and National Thermal Power Corporation (NSI:NTPC) in that order.Share price of Infosys gained 0.34 per cent to end at Rs 2,982.75 while TCS bucked the trend in the market losing 0.15 per cent to end the day at Rs 1,750.85.

Barring TCS and Patni Computer (BSE:532517), all the top IT companies ended in positive territory at the close of trading hours on the BSE and NSE.

TCS lost ground on profit taking after recent sharp surge in the stock which had pushed up on December 14

Sardarji Hillarious Part II

Sardarji gets ready, wears tie, coat, goes out, climbs tree, and sits
on the branch regularly. A man asks why he does this. Sardarji: “I’ve been
promoted as branch manager.”

Why is a Sardarji standing below a tube light with a open
mouth…………….. Because his doctor advised him “Today’s dinner
should be light”

One sardarji professor asked a plumber to come to his college. U know
Because he wanted to check where the question paper is leaking…

Sardar told his servant: Go and water th e plants. Servant: It’s already
raining. Sardar: So what take an umbrella and go.

Sardar found the answer to the most difficult question ever – What will
come first, Chicken or egg? O Yaar, what ever u order first will come first.

A teacher told all students in a class to write an essay on a cricket
match.All were busy writing except one Sardarji. He wrote “DUE TO RAIN, NO

A Sardar & his wife filed an application for Divorce. Judge asked:
How’ll U divide, U”VE 3 children? Sardar replied: Ok! We’ll apply NEXT YEAR

Sardar’s wish: when i die, i wana die like my grandpa who died
peacefully in his sleep not screaming like all d passengers in d bus he was driving..

Sardar visits Chinese friend dying in hospital. The Chinese friend just
says “CHIN YU YAN” and dies. Sardarji goes 2 china 2 find meaning of friends
last words. It is ‘U R STANDNG ON the OXGN TUBE!”

Why did Sardar cut the sides of the capsule before taking it? Guess
what…—To avoid side effect!!!

Man: Sardarji where were u born? Sardarji: Punjab. Man: Which part?
Sardar: Oye part part kya kar raha hai, whole body is born in punjab”.

IN COURT du r! ing a case: Lawyer to Sardar: Gita pe haath rakhkar kaho ke
….. Sardar: yeh kya, Sita pe haath lagaya to court me bulaiya. ab
kehte ho gita pe haath rakho…..

Sardar: For the past one week a girl is disturbing me. I don’t know how
she got my no, She interrupts whenever I call someone and says “please
recharge your card”

A person went into the office kitchen one morning and found Mrs Sardar
painting the walls. She was wearing a new fur coat and a nice denim
jacket. Thinking this was a little strange, he asked her why she was wearing
them rather than old clothes or an overall. She showed him the instructions
on the tin, “For best results put on two coats”

Q:) ! How do u recognize a sardar in school or college???

A:) They are the ones who erase their notebooks when the teacher erases
the blackboard… BOLO tarara!!

Q:) Why did the sardarji sleep with a scale? A:) Because he wanted to
measure how much he has slept……..

Santa Singh MBBS. After finishing his MBBS, Dr. Santa Singh starts his
own practice. He checked his first patient’s Eyes, then the Tongue, and
finally the Ears using a torch. Finally he said Battery is Ok !!!

IBM staff drive Gujarat push

IBM that offers end-to-end solutions from hardware to software, services and consulting, is planning to start its operations in Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Interestingly, some 200 odd native Gujarati employees of the company located at IBM Pune establishment, have requested IBM management to consider their plea to start operations in Gujarat.

Its not the company, but employees who are eager to work in Gujarat and employees are none other but more than 200 Gujaratis working with IBM in other parts of country, informed company sources

According to Anupam Saxena, director of Infocity, Gandhinagar, IBM officials have initiated talks with the Infocity officials for the proposed shift of operations to Gandhinagar.

“We were trying to bring IBM in Gujarat since couple of years but company was never so keen to start its operations in Gujarat and now a strength of more than 200 employees wants to come back to their motherland for which company has decided to meet our officials,” claimed Saxena.

He added that negotiations are going on and very soon concrete decisions will be taken.

Similar to IBM, another Pune based company Cybage Software Private Limited, has more than 40 per cent Gujarati employees.

“Talks with Cybage are under process. Around 1200 people are working in the company and out of them around 400 are Gujaratis who are eager to shift to Gujarat,” said Saxena.

Even IT companies are seeing that in Gandhinagar infrastructure is available at low cost compared to Banglore, Pune and Gurgaon where the power failure is a major problem.

“In other cities Gujaratis have to hire a flat on rent and savings are almost zero but if they shift back to Gujarat, they can stay with their family and can save money,” explained Saxena.

While talking about other companies, Saxena said that recently MphasiS opened its BPO based on domestic call center in Ahmedabad and for international call center they are planning to start their operations Infocity after March 2006.

“By next fiscal they have plan to start 1,000 seating capacity office at Infocity. They will be starting international call center over here,” he added.

Source: Buisness Standard

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