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CIA – The World Factbook — Rank Order – Population

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India is in race with china , but this moment china is leading us may be after few years we will be at top
Lets hope this doesnt happens

Infosys to hire 3,000 at Orissa centre

BS Corporate Bureau in Mumbai

Infosys Technologies is planning to increase its headcount at its Orissa development centre at Bhubaneswar to 4,500 personnel and invest Rs 100 crore (Rs 1 billion) over the next few years.

The increased focus for the centre is under the company’s expectations of tier-II cities becoming growth engines for the IT industry in the country.

“Tier-II cities such as Bhubaneswar will be the growth engines for the IT Industry in India. We have taken a lead in this direction by investing more than Rs 135 crore (Rs 1.35 billion) at our Bhubaneswar centre. Realising the potential of the city, we plan to increase our headcount to over 4,500 over the next few years with an added investment of Rs 100 crore (Rs 1 billion),” Infosys Technologies chairman and chief mentor N R Narayana Murthy said.

At present, the development centre employs over 1,720 personnel and contributes about 80 per cent of software exports from Orissa, making it the largest exporter from the Bhubaneswar Software Technology Park of India (STPI).

The Bhubaneswar centre entertains multi-million dollar clients from Canada, Europe and North America. With a total built-up area of over 46 acre, the centre has the capacity to accommodate over 3,300 software professionals.

The centre, which has entered into its tenth year of operations, had also spend over Rs 5.5 crore (Rs 55 million) for various initiatives like primary education, healthcare and rehabilitation of the underprivileged in the state.

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IT majors in race for ABN Amro deal

European banking major ABN Amro is in the finals stages of selecting its IT vendors for a multi-year, multi-billion-dollar contract. For the first time, Indian vendors have emerged as front-runners for a large portion of the contract.

The domestic vendors being considered for various components of the deal are Infosys, TCS and Patni. The local operations of IBM and Accenture could play a major role if these companies are selected.

The mega deal is said to be one of the largest in Europe as European banks, unlike their American counterparts, are not used to outsourcing. The deal also has a large offshore outsourcing component of more than $500m spread over five years.

The final negotiations are being carried out and the share of individual vendors is expected to be announced in a couple of weeks, according to a spokesman for the bank in Amsterdam.

The bank had invited bids for three areas within its IT department almost a year ago. The final vendors for each of these three areas — IT infrastructure, application support & enhancement and application development outsourcing — have been finalized.

IT infrastructure will involve the basic network, servers and other hardware within the company. ABN has finalized IBM and HP for this portion of the deal. In software application support & enhancement, ABN has identified Indian vendors, TCS and Infosys.

In application development outsourcing, which will have an offshore component, more than five vendors have been finalized, namely Patni Computers, TCS, Infosys, IBM and Accenture.

The domestic software services industry is seeing this as a major stage since Indian vendors, for the first time, are competing evenly in a large outsourcing deal. The overall deal involves a fairly important and large onsite presence and Indian vendors have emerged as front-runners.

Moreover, short listing IBM and Accenture for application development outsourcing in a category dominated by Indian vendors is seen as a sign of the times. The development centers of IBM and Accenture in India are seen as much bigger competition than their capabilities in Europe or the US.

Accenture’s operations in India have been ramped up, with aggressive recruitment and hiring. Its local operations already employ more than 11,000 people after less than four years of operations. IBM acquired more than 6,000 people through its acquisition of Daksh last year.

The capabilities that these two companies have acquired or built are now being used to pitch for the outsourcing deals.

TajMahal 4 bachelor, lover n married

As a Bachelor
Takdir hai, magar kismat nahi khulti
tajmahal banana chahata hoon
lekin mumtaz nahi milti!

As a Lover
Takdir hai, magar kismat nahi khulti
tajmahal banana chahata hoon,
mumtaz mil gayi hai magar
woh shaadi nahi karti

As a married one
Takdir hai, magar kismat nahi khulti
tajmahal banana chahata hoon
lekin mumtaz nahi marti

10 new tips for safe online shopping

  • As more and more Indians get internet savvy, online shopping is also on the rise, especially in festive seasons like this. However, while you may go for online shopping merrily, just follow some rules of thumb so that you don’t get fleeced by cyber sharks, phishing in troubled waters.

    At office or home, we may be spending more time with computers and internet, but that does not make us any less gullible. Sometimes, we trust technology more than individuals. This is just ripe breeding ground for cyber criminals.

    Organized criminal gangs target online consumers with blended phishing attacks, some of which even find out details of their interests and use them to generate phishing emails tailored to tempt them into giving away their identities. As awareness has grown about Phishing within the Internet community, the tactics used by Phishers have evolved over time making it more difficult for the consumer to realize they are being duped:

    Phishers are now increasingly using automated URL obfuscation tools to deceive would-be victims. The Phisher simply enters the URL of the legitimate website and then enters the address of the fake malicious website, with the tool automatically crafting a new “socially engineered” URL that includes the text from the legitimate URL as well as special characters that actually cause the URL to direct the browser to the fake website. To the untrained eye this specially-crafted URL looks like the real thing.

    The use of Embedded Java script and Active X applets is becoming more common in Phishing emails. These scripts and applets can automatically place a graphic image of the expected legitimate URL on top of the address bar within the browser to hide the actual address that the browser.

    Along with phishing, pharming is emerging as a bigger threat. Pharming is the technological evolution of Phishing, and while it requires a more sophisticated and technically savvy cyber criminal, it is growing rapidly.

    A skillful Pharmer takes advantage of unpatched and vulnerable software using worms and viruses to compromise Internet DNS servers or host files on personal computers to transparently redirect consumers to illegitimate websites to harvest their personal financial information.

    Here are some tips on how to combat phishers & pharmers:

    1. Always be up-to-date with the latest security patches as well as your Anti Virus and Firewall software on your PC.

    2. Never click on an embedded URL contained in any email. Rather, enter the URL manually in your browser address bar for banking and credit card websites.

    3. Never fill in forms contained within email. Personal financial info should never be sent by email. Always use a secure website – verify that the URL contains https:// and that the closed lock appears on the lower right hand side of the browser for a secure website connection.

    4. Do not click on an email attachment unless you know the sender and were expecting to receive the attachment.

    5. Monitor your banking and credit card accounts on line and check for illegitimate transactions regularly.

    6. Register with a credit card security system that requires a password to authorize transactions.

    7. Use common sense. If any deal looks too good to be true then it probably is.

    8. Beware of Bait-and-Switch ploys. A store advertises a great price for a product and then claims to have sold out of it when you want to buy it. Salesperson participating in bait and switch will try high-pressure sales techniques to get you to buy a similar but different product–at a higher price. Online, vendors sometimes advertise a low price for something like a digital camera and then will try to persuade you to buy accessories you probably don’t want or need as a way to jack up the price. Always refuse such a deal.

    9. Pricing engines don’t always deliver the “best deals.” Pricing engines like Froogle and others are adept at directing you to the cheapest price of a given product. But often the best price isn’t the “best deal.” Low-priced merchandise might be a lure to a scam where a site takes your money and delivers you nothing. Items advertised for sale on eBay but never delivered included Xbox video game systems, designer handbags, laptop computers, and Rolex watches.

    And ridiculously low prices should show that you may be buying counterfeit.

    10. Read the Warranty before you buy that discounted flat panel TV, find out what the product warranty covers, how long the coverage lasts, and where you have to send the product to obtain repairs, a refund, or replacement


    One day, a girl, 16yrs old, heared from her mother that if she will do a regular prayer for 4 yrs, a divine “Devi” will come to her dreams & give
    her 3 boons(Varadaan). So she decided to do it. She completed 4 yrs successfully, doing prayer regularly.
    Now it was a day for “Devi” to come. So she slept earlier with
    thoughts in her mind to ask.

    And, really a “Devi” comes in her dreams. Now this is the dialogue between them.
    Devi: O Girl, you prayed to me regularly within last 4 yrs, so I am
    very very happy with you. I will complete any of your 3 wishes. You can
    ask anything you like, but there is one condition.
    Girl: Condition!, what is that?
    Devi: You have a boy-friend?
    Girl: Yes.

    Devi: When you were doing a prayer, he was
    waiting for you, so he also sacrificed same as you. Moreover, he didnt
    know anything about boon and all, so he is also eligible for the boons. So
    whatever you will ask, he will get 10 times more than that of you. If you are
    agreed, then proceed for the 1st boon.
    Girl: (After
    thinking for some time … ): Yes, I am ready.
    Girl: 1st, Make me 10 times richer than the richest person in the
    Devi: But your boy-friend will be 10 times richer than you.

    Girl: It’s OK.

    Devi: Be as you wish!
    Girl: 2nd, Make me 10 times more beautiful than the most beautiful
    girl in the world.

    Devi: But your boy-friend will be 10 times handsome than the most handsome boy in the world.

    Girl: It’s OK.
    Devi: Be as you wish.
    Devi: Now the
    last boon remains.

    Girl: O Devi, please give me

    Devi: What? Are you sure!

    Girl: Yes. Very sure!
    Devi: Be as you wish.
    Think friends,
    what happened to her boy-friend, he got a severe heart-attack & died
    at once, while the girl remained alive. Thus, the girl became the world’s
    most beautiful girl and the richest one, too.
    Moral of the
    story: So intelligent the girls are! Girls are really more intelligent
    than we
    believe about them to be. So be careful boys!
    Now, girls please stop reading … boys continue till the end of the
    mail …..






    Dear boys, dont worry, actually what done is
    something different than what you all think!
    Actually, the girl’s boy-friend got a heart-attack, 10 TIMES MILDER
    than that of the girl. So the boy-friend lived longer than the girl,
    world’s richest and the most handsome boy.
    Moral of the story: Dear boys, the girls are not really that much
    intelligent than what we believe them to be.

    Ack :~ VIMAL

    Call me (Perhaps I must have DEAD.)

    If one day you feel crying

    Call me.

    I don’t promise you that…..

    I will make you laugh

    But I can cry with you.

    If one day you want to run away-

    Don’t be afraid to call me.

    I don’t promise to ask you to stop,

    But I can run with you.

    If one day you don’t want to listen to


    Call me and……..

    I promise to be very quit.

    But ………

    If one day you call and there is no answer….

    Come fast to see me

    Perhaps I must have “DEAD”.

    Ack :~ Jay

    Yahoo’s top 2005 searches

    Check out the hottest people, places, and events that inspired the world to search this year.

    Click Here to view tht list which may surprise you

    Fulfill ur Christmas Dream….

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    Source : ~ Kunal Vyas

    New Features introduced in Gmail

    Some changes to Gmail today:

    Gmail now support groups contact. You can organize your contacts into Groups so you can easily send messages to a number of people at once. [ link]

    Gmail now has a vacation responce. Use Gmail’s vacation responder to let people know you won’t be able to get back to them right away. [ link]

    Google release new Firefox extensions named “Google Safe Browsing”, which should help protect you from phishing or spoofing sites. [ link]

    Goolge release new Google Talk 1.0.80 Beta. If you already install previous version, just right click at Google Talk icon at your taskbar and choose “Check for updates now” [ link]

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