Carrying the biggest buzz for any film this year, the dark, brooding The Dark Knight, which has an awesome, legend-creating performance by the late Heath Ledger, will light up more than 3,500 theatres in America and Canada [Images], starting Thursday evening. The demand for the tickets is so high that many theatres have added a 6 am show. The film, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale, could gross over $100 million by Sunday evening.

It could also become one of the few films this year to have a repeat viewing audience. I would be among them. Having caught the film at a media screening, I am hoping to see at the 6 am show. The thrill of watching it with the audiences is one reason for the repeat visit. And then, I also hope that some of the plot twists that left me confused will become clearer. I also hope I will be able to savour the performances and the complexities of the film’s character, as the car chases, mid-air explosions and gut-churning violence will impact me less on the second viewing.

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