Ack:- Alkesh

After silence for short period, the terrorists are again back to their inhuman activities by planting Bombs and brutally killing the innocent people from one state to another in India.

The news channels or communication medias are interested only in publicizing the negative side of such happenings such as exhibiting the terrifying photos, teaching all ‘how to make a bomb at home’ and giving news with self imagination of facts, with the very purpose of developing fearsome emotions, and disturbing public mind just to get higher TRPs for that moment. This is what the terrorists exactly want too. They want to create a situation of this nature and chaos of this kind.

Does it has only side? There is another side of the coin too. For example, if we see the situation of Ahmedabad, there were about 17 blasts (some say 16 and some 18) on Saturday the 26th July 2008 within a span of two hours, killing more than 60 persons and injuring more than 100 persons.

If you see the roads, business premises, offices and industrial areas in the morning on Monday 28th July 2008 amidst the overnight heavy rainfall and water logging, everything seems to be totally normal and things move without any interruption, which means people have brought up their minds to overcome any such situation to fight against terrorism, without any caste, creed or religion.

The medias should take a note of it and should come out with such kind of news and also give the photos of the roads, streets of the normal Ahmedabad in TV Channels and other medias so that Terrorists will also think several times before committing any crimes.

With all due respect and prayers for the ones injured and more, I salute the spirit of Ahmedabad. This at an individual level is the best act of ‘Anti-Terrorism’ in itself.