Ack:- Lav Chawla

The times when people are working hard day & night, the times when market is witnessing a sharp falls & the times when future seems so grim we, the SaaS group decided to go in for some relaxing mantra.

The kind of trip which we will bring in ease & new spirit within the team. There are people coming & going in every team, but it should not affect the spirit of ours & the motto of the organization.

So after thinking over many options, Mandwa beach was finally selected to go in for. The organizing team got into their thinking shoes & the entire action items were prepared.

On 13th December morning the trip started off. Though the journey was of 3.5 hours long but it did not seemed like as they were all cheering & chattering going along the way. There was no TM, no PL, no TL, and no GL; there was the team, the team SaaS.

After having a brief rest & snacks at the resort, the troops marched on to mean their business, to enjoy as a combat unit. We all went to the beach, played water sports, jumped in & out of the floating waves, along was going the photo shoots with the splash of life in the water.

Then we all had a delicious lunch, followed by some interesting games & truth or dare thus shelving some real self’s out.

Then as the time started to shut off all its light, we packed off all our rejuvenated memories to go back to where it all started. And then even while going back after the entire day’s stretched out at the beach, it couldn’t stop us from the last drops of entertainment & we carried on with drum shards & antakshri.

It marked off the emergence of the team as a whole in every bit of its story, right from the coordination team planning out the nitty – gritties of the trip, to the chit chats, to the games & a team cheering to end with.

They say you can never make a family out of a team, they say you can never be personal but only professionals. They may be true, but exceptions & possibilities of life are boundless. And this just may be one of them.