Google, the name that crazes me and almost every techy .. What’s the next product ? We keep questioning or blogging around to find news. This time I am not posting any new product or innovation of Google, but here I post is a wonderful idea – a 3D Google Virtual Street Ride …

Google launched Street View in 2007. View street level photographs. Take virtual walks; pan, rotate and zoom through cities around the world. Google Directions help you to print / display path from one destination to other either via road or transit or public transport.

Lets combine these both, minds are craving right!. Ya I am talking about something like a virtual drive(not walk) from one destination to other. Just key in source and destination and google using its as usual good complex algorithm and street view data repository create a flash/video of the virtual drive. Just hit a play and sit back and watch yourself traveling.

Benefits (a few ..)
– Virtual drive prior to your travel gives a sense of confidence to drivers unknown to those locations
– You may haven’t visited Japan, France, NewZealand or many other street view enabled countries, but would like to view their famous places and have a virtual ride.
– Kids can enjoy the flavor of roaming back at home, Parents no more need to take them along all time.

Above are just few benefits, just imagine of a virtual drive of your famous destination and you will say “Google please do this for me”, a Google Virtual Street Drive ….