I am a big fan of using Gmail for all of my email needs. However, there is one thing that Gmail is missing that I find essential. How do you send an email at a specific time in the future?

For e.g, save an email(with future date defined) in OUTBOX to wish birthday of your loved ones. It automatically gets delivered on the date you want it to be sent on. No hassles, no crying or no need to make any excuses to your loves ones on missing to wish them birthday or anniversary or etc …

Anyone can request features to Google on GMail @ http://mail.google.com/support/bin/request.py?contact_type=suggest

Above forum have resulted in creation of following wonderful features. Recently Implemented Suggestions
* Multi-person chat
* IMAP access
* Extra paid storage
* Support for more browsers
* Signature options
* New message notifier
* Free POP access
* Free automatic forwarding
* See the number of new spam messages from my inbox
* Automatic email forwards
* Save my message drafts
* Search my Contacts list
* Import addresses into my Contacts list
* Colorful background skins
* Import contacts from other email accounts
* Import messages from my other email accounts
* To-do list

So go ahead and request or suggest features you would like to see in Google’s GMAIL.