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Month: March 2010 (page 2 of 2)

Google Introduces the Blogger Template Designer

Google introduced the Blogger Template Designer |

The Blogger Template Designer allows you to create effectively infinite number of designs templates instead of being restricted to a limited number of rigid designs by making it easy to customize your blogs design, layout, background and much more.

Developing Web Services Using Apache Axis2 Eclipse Plugins

Apache Axis2 Eclipse Plugins allow Web service developers to easily and speedily expose the available plain old Java applications as Web services. lists a tutorial by Lahiru Sandakith which consists of two parts, with two examples that walk you through developing and deploying a sample Web service using the Top-down (Contract First) and Bottom-up (Code First) approach using Axis2 Eclipse Plugins.

The tutorial is written for Eclipse SDK v3.2 and Axis2 Eclipse Plugin v1.3.

Read the tutorial at

Visualforce – Align Columns To Right

Sometimes there is a need to align(float) few of the columns of datatable to right for eg., List Price in Opportunity Products page functionality is shown in right aligned style.

In those cases, use following piece of snippet to render the column header and column values in right aligned manner

<apex:column width="23%">
<apex:facet name="header" >
<apex:outputPanel id="datePanel" style="float:right;">Role</apex:outputPanel>
<apex:OutputLink style="float:right;" target="_blank" value="/{!UserRoleName}">{!UserRole.Name}</apex:OutputLink>

Highlighted in above code are two different approaches

  1. Use output panel to enclose set of things and add float:right style attribute to it
  2. Directly add float:right style to the element (in this case OutputLink)

Salesforce new user Interface warning

Today, I enabled new user Interface on one of my developer org and noticed that it’s not supported on all browsers. There’s a small warning box that appears the moment you select the New User Interface.

You need to contact salesforce support in order to enable New User Interface feature. Once enabled, to set up your User Interface please access Setup | Customize | User Interface.

New User Interface

Salesforce Apex Commons Lang Project

apex-lang is an open-source library of helper classes written purely in apex whose goal is to address shortcomings in the core apex classes. (If you’re not familiar with apex, apex is the programming language provided by’s development platform and is essentially a trimmed down version of java with added syntax for exploiting the platform.)

apex-lang was inspired by the Apache Commons Lang project whose creators had a similar goal of addressing gaps in java’s core API. apex is fairly feature rich; however, let’s face it, functionality in its core API is sorely lacking. And why shouldn’t it? is in the “on-demand platform” business, not the API building business.

On the other hand, apex-lang is very much in the API building (not for profit) business. So, its the intent of apex-lang to fill in the gaps in the core apex classes. And to fill them more quickly than salesforce can. Salesforce only has 3-4 releases a year; in contrast, apex-lang can be released as many times as needed during a single year.

Install to:
Production as Managed Package
Sandbox as Managed Package
Production as Unmanaged Package
Sandbox as Unmanaged Package

Alternatively, you can Download the source or Browse the code

Also available on AppExchange @

Ack : Richard.Vanhook

How to remove focus from Date Calendar input field …

I had a Visualforce page where the second field is a date field. Everytime the page loads, salesforce automatically brings the date field in focus and the calendar widget pops up. This can be very confusing to the users as the date field is required to be populated only in certain cases. Is there a way to remove the focus or allow me to have some other field in focus?

Create hidden element inside form

<input id="hiddenElement" type="hidden" />

Add following JS code to add an window.onload event to set the focus to the hidden element

<script type="text/javascript">

window.onload = setFocus

function setFocus() {




To conclude, ..

So no longer the page load will default the focus to Calendar field and no longer the pop-up will hinder the page view.

nJoy Coding!!

Google’s Cloud Computing Phone application – translate text in real time

Stumped by foreign languages when you’re traveling? Google Inc. is working on software that translates text captured by a phone camera.

At a demonstration Tuesday at Mobile World Congress, a cell phone trade show in Barcelona, an engineer shot a picture of a German dinner menu with a phone running Google Inc.’s Android software. An application on the phone sent the shot to Google’s servers, which sent a translation back to the phone.

It translated “Fruhlingssalat mit Wildkrautern” as “Spring salad with wild herbs.”

There was no word on when the software would be available.

Software that translates text from pictures is already available for some phones, but generally does the processing on the phone. By sending the image to its servers for processing, Google can apply a lot more computing power, for faster, more accurate results. The phone still won’t order for you, though — you’ll have to point at the menu.

The demonstration was part of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s keynote speech at the trade show, the largest for the wireless industry. He said phone applications that take advantage of “cloud computing” — servers accessible through the wireless network — will bring powerful changes to the industry.

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