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Six reasons why real estate is a good investment

Kavita Sriram, Time of India Journalist says this is a good time for investors to buy property as part of a portfolio

Leading a life of luxury on borrowed money may not always be the right thing to do. How prudent would it be to make an exception on home loans? Should you buy your dream house or invest in some piece of land? Is it time to invest in real estate?

Real estate is less volatile than stocks. While real estate may be less liquid, and you may have to wait indefinitely before a buyer agrees to purchase your property for the price you seek, the prices are not as volatile as the stock markets. The transition towards a correction or boom takes place gradually, giving ample time for investors to read the transition and safeguard their positions.

The economic slowdown had an impact on this sector. The rates have come down over the past few months. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to invest in real estate when a price correction is taking place rather than in a heated market? People with a large disposable income can explore investing in real estate for diversification of their assets. Lowering home loan interest rates and lower property prices makes it an opportunity hard to resist.

Some investments are considered safe in times of recession like precious metals and foreign currencies. In this list of investments that are popular during times of financial uncertainty, real estate can be included. Focus on achieving positive monthly cash flows rather than immediate appreciation. Cash flow refers to the amount of cash coming in relative to the amount going out.

Real estate and gold are considered a hedge against forces of inflation. Inflation has led to the rupee value depreciating and property prices travelling upwards. Property investments are typically held over a long term.

Home loan borrowers are eligible for tax deductions on their interest and principal repayments subject to a certain limit. Further, you can use the rental income from the property to make a portion of the EMI repayments.

Investments in property has always proved to be stable and yielded good returns over the long term. With lesser risk and probability of higher returns, this is a much favoured investment option. Stimulus packages announced by the government are expected to show good results and bolster the economy. Cement, a key construction material, has indicated a growth of 12 percent in May. This is enough indicator of vigorous economic activity. Borrow as little as possible and consider investing in property.

Deutsche Bank : Gujarat offers the most favourable outlook for growth

Gujarat is the Topmost Investment Destination of India:

Deutsche Bank: “Gujarat offers the most favourable outlook for growth of demand for infrastructure projects”.

Professionals sign up for Ahmedabad Cleanliness Drive

The Ahmedabad Mirror Cleanliness Campaign is no more confined to students, social outfits and residents of the localities dotting the cleanliness spot. This Sunday, professionals from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Domino’s Pizza joined the mission. Enthused by Tata group chairman Ratan Tata’s call to care for society and environment, TCS employees joined the drive under the banner of the Ahmedabad Maitree Group.

Assistant manager of TCS Alok Kumar Singh assured Ahmedabad Mirror of it’s continued support to the campaign. “We will be participating in the campaign every Sunday from hereon,” he said. Pankaj Kakani, a senior engineer with TCS, said: “We have initiated cleanliness steps on our premises at Infocity. But this is a much bigger platform. We have participated in several campaigns, including fire drills, to save people’s lives but none were of this scale. Several of us stay at Gandhinagar but we will be at the Cleanliness Campaign spot every Sunday,” he said, adding that TCS is an ISO 14001 certified company because of its environment management system.

AHMEDABAD: Up & Running Again

Ack:- Alkesh

After silence for short period, the terrorists are again back to their inhuman activities by planting Bombs and brutally killing the innocent people from one state to another in India.

The news channels or communication medias are interested only in publicizing the negative side of such happenings such as exhibiting the terrifying photos, teaching all ‘how to make a bomb at home’ and giving news with self imagination of facts, with the very purpose of developing fearsome emotions, and disturbing public mind just to get higher TRPs for that moment. This is what the terrorists exactly want too. They want to create a situation of this nature and chaos of this kind.

Does it has only side? There is another side of the coin too. For example, if we see the situation of Ahmedabad, there were about 17 blasts (some say 16 and some 18) on Saturday the 26th July 2008 within a span of two hours, killing more than 60 persons and injuring more than 100 persons.

If you see the roads, business premises, offices and industrial areas in the morning on Monday 28th July 2008 amidst the overnight heavy rainfall and water logging, everything seems to be totally normal and things move without any interruption, which means people have brought up their minds to overcome any such situation to fight against terrorism, without any caste, creed or religion.

The medias should take a note of it and should come out with such kind of news and also give the photos of the roads, streets of the normal Ahmedabad in TV Channels and other medias so that Terrorists will also think several times before committing any crimes.

With all due respect and prayers for the ones injured and more, I salute the spirit of Ahmedabad. This at an individual level is the best act of ‘Anti-Terrorism’ in itself.

Gujarat riots a genocide; Modi sanctioned it: Tehelka

Ref :-

Investigative weekly Tehelka on Thursday claimed to have unravelled the truth behind the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Tehelka claimed it had ‘irrefutable’ evidence that the killings of Muslims post-Godhra train carnage in Gujarat was ‘not a spontaneous swell of anger but a genocide’ planned and executed by top functionaries of the Sangh Parivar and state authorities ‘with the sanction’ of Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Addressing a press conference in New Delhi, Tehelka Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal claimed that the magazine had carried out a sting operation over the last six months by talking to a number of Sangh Parivar leaders, including Godhra BJP MLA Haresh Bhatt, Shiv Sena leader Babu Bajrangi, who was earlier in the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and VHP leaders Anil Patel and Dhawal Jayanti Patel, to bring out the truth.

“We have evidence that bombs were being made in the VHP office premises,” Harinder Baweja, Editor (Investigations), told

“In Tehelka’s ground breaking investigations, for the first time, hear the truth of the genocidal killings from the men who actually did it. In shocking disclosures, Chief Minister Narendra Modi came and patted the back of criminals, and told them that they had done a good job,” Baweja said.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has reacted sharply to the magazine’s report stating that Tehelka was acting as CIA (Congress Investigating Agency) and it was a collusive sting, which could hardly be called investigative journalism.

Party spokesman Prakash Javedekar said the ‘dirty tricks department’ of the Congress was at work again in view of the assembly elections in Gujarat.

None of the leaders caught on camera in the expose was available for comments, except Gujarat VHP leader Dhawal Jayanti Patel who said Bajrangi had not talked to him during the riots and that he had not seen the sting operation.

Bhatt was purportedly caught on tape saying he was present in a meeting in which Modi allegedly gave him three days time ‘to do whatever they wanted.’

“After three days, he (Modi) asked to stop and everything came to a halt,” Bhatt said, adding that the chief minister thanked them after the Naroda Patiya masssacre.

The magazine claimed that Dhawal Jayanti Patel told its undercover reporter that the VHP activists made lots of bombs in a factory owned by him. A BJP MLA was shown as saying they even made rocket launchers, which were used in the pogrom.

It also claimed that it has exposed ‘a trail of lies and coercions’ that establishes the fire in coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express in Godhra on February 27, 2002 was a case of spontaneous mob fury and not a pre-meditated conspiracy as stated by the Gujarat government.

Blood donation runs in Gujaratis blood

Ahmedabad: In Ahmedabad, blood donation has become a mission of sorts with some families. In fact, there are at least seven families who have collectively donated more than 200 units of blood each.

The family of Narhari Mavlankar (91) has donated a whopping 296 bottles of blood so far. “It is our duty to give something back to society,” Narhari’s son Siddhartha Mavlankar, a businessman who plans to donate blood for the 125th time shortly, told TOI.

Siddhartha’s wife Angarekha and his two daughters also have contributed to the family’s blood donation marathon. Meanwhile, the families of two brothers-Ashok and Ramesh Patel—both businessmen and both closely associated with the Satya Sai Seva Sangathan have donated 754 units.

Brothers Sudhir and Yogendra Shah, both businessmen again, have also donated 229 units. The other families include Vasudev Thakkar whose family has donated 219 units, businessman Suresh Patel and family has donated 204 units while secretary of the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme Mahesh Trivedi and his family has donated 207 units.

Even as the country celebrates Voluntary Blood Donation Day on October 1, every minute one Gujarati could be donating blood. Every four minutes there could be an Amdavadi donating blood, going by the records of the Red Cross.

President of Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme Mukesh Patel said, “Gujaratis donate blood to celebrate birthdays, death anniversaries and even weddings. In fact, a lot of people organise blood donation camps during the besna of their loved ones”.


Gujurati Peom – Mane Bhik Naa Batavo

મારી કોઈ ડાળખીમાં પાંદડા નથી
મને પાનખરની બીક ના બતાવો !

પંખી સહિત હવા ચાતરીને જાય
એવું અષાઢી દિવસોમાં લાગે,
આંબાનું સાવ ભલે લાકડું કહેવાઉં
પણ મારામાં ઝાડ હજી જાગે.

માળામાં ગોઠવેલી સળી હું નથી
મને વીજળીની બીક ના બતાવો !

એકે ડાળીથી હવે ઝીલ્યો ન જાય
કોઈ રાતી કીડીનોય ભાર !
એક પછી એક ડાળ ખરતી જોઉં ને થાય
પડવાને છે કેટલી વાર ?

હું બરફમાં ગોઠવેલું પાણી નથી
મને સૂરજની બીક ના બતાવો !

Top Ten Gujarati’s of the year 2006

1. Narendra Modi:Continuing his style of leadership
2. Pankaj trivedi: Activism and death
3. Ratan Tata: Truly Gujarati style, £4.35bn bet
4. Himesh Reshammiya: This Gujarati voice rocked the world
5. Sunita williams Pandya: Gujarati, now in space too

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A Nostalgic note on Ahmedabad

Woh suvidha ki pani puri, woh pachvati ki chaat,
Woh CTF ka ice cream, Wah usme thi kuch baat.

Woh Ras ranjan ki mithai, woh Swagath ka dosa,
Woh Honest ki pav bhaji aur Manek chowk ka samosa.

Woh rikshaw ka ‘suffer’, woh Kankaria ki hawa,
Woh Law garden ke kante aur Market ka sama.

Woh december ki zara si sardi, woh baarishon ke mahiney,
Woh garmi ki chuttiyan, jab chute te they paseeney.

Woh holi ki masti, woh navratri ka garba,
Woh diwali ke patakhe aur ganpati ka shor sharaba.

Woh C.G.road ka mahol, woh Vijay ki leheren,
Woh doobte suraj ka nazara, Wah uske kya kehene.

Woh Bakers ke puff, woh Mehta ki chai,
Woh Oswal ke Jalebi, woh Raipur ka “Undhayu”.

Woh bachpan ki yaaden, woh gotion kaa khel,
Woh ATIRA ke jhaadiyan, jahaa hothey they mel.

Woh Rajashree ke Movies aur Drive-in mein Weekend,
Woh CEPT ka nazara aur SAKAR buildings.

Woh City Pulse cinema ke queue, woh black ki pink ticket,
Woh Karnavati club ka maidan, jahan bachche practice karte hain cricket.

Itni cheezen kehene ke baad,
aur kitni karoon mein baat,

Yeh shehar hain mera apna,
jiska naam hai A H M E D A B A D!!!!

Narendra Modi – A man with a Vison & a person with mission

Watch the video it describes the man
– who changed the face of Gujarat
– who changed the presence of Gujarat to be felt in World
– who transformed dead land to useful one …
And many more …
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