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TCS Kolkata crowned national champion at the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz

There was excitement in the air at the MMRDA ground in Mumbai on 20th April with ten of the best corporate teams from across the country vying for the most coveted title in India’s corporate calendar with amazing display of mental capacity and sharp reflexes.

Fortunes kept swinging through the rounds. The plot kept changing, but the end result was not far from expected. TCS Kolkata, represented by Sabyasachi Chandra and G Sreekanth, emerged as the national champion at the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz 2008, the most prestigious corporate challenge of the country. Quizmaster Derek O’Brien used his entire repertoire but the duo had answers for all.

Sabyasachi and Sreekanth walked away with quite a few goodies, which included two Mahindra Scorpio SUVs and luxury cruises for family aboard the Star Cruises ship for seven days in the Pacific.

TCS Kolkata, represented by Sabyasachi and Sreekanth, has now become the only team in the country to have won all the national quizzing championships in the corporate world, namely the TATA Crucible, National Management Quiz by All India Management Association and the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz and thus, creating a niche for itself while raising the bar constantly beyond the reach for its competitors

What is the difference between Core Duo & Dual Core Processors ?

Core Duo and Dual Core both refer to having 2 processor cores on the same die. The Core 2 Duo is the same in that respect but different in the fact that it does not stress designs based on extremely high clock speeds. It relies on improvements in the processor’s usage of both available clock cycles and power, unlike traditional Netburst processors.

The Core 2 Duo is currently the best Dual Core processor on the market because of its high performance and lower than average cost.


Maths Puzzle

Ack:- Vishal Jain

Can you make a target number 37 by using five 5s? You can use any math operator as you want. There are at least two different ways.

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