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Oracle’s Real-Life Q & A

Q. What if your Dad loses his car keys?
A. ‘Parent keys not found!’

Q. What if your old girl friend spots you with your new one?
A. ‘Duplicate value on index!’

Q. What if the golf ball doesn’t get into the hole at all?
A. ‘Value larger than specified precision!’

Q. What if you try to have fun with somebody else’s girlfriend and get kicked out?
A. ‘Insufficient privileges on the specified object!’

Q. What if you don’t get any response from the girl next door?
A. ‘No data found!’ or ‘ Query caused no rows retrieved !’

Q. What if you get response from the girl next door and her Mom too?
A. ‘SELECT INTO returns too many rows!’

Q. What if you dial a wrong number?
A. ‘Invalid number’ or ‘ Object doesn’t exist!’

Q. What if you try to beat your own trumpet?
A. ‘Object is found mutating!’

Q. What if you are too late to office and the boss catches you?
A. ‘Discrete transaction failed!’

Q. What if you see ‘theatre full’ when you go to a movie?
A. ‘Maximum number of users exceeded!’

Q. What if you don’t get table in the lunch room?
A. ‘System out of tablespace!’

Oracle Sues SAP for Corporate Theft

The war between Oracle and SAP is about to move beyond enterprise applications to the courtroom.

Oracle said that it has sued SAP “about corporate theft on a grand scale” seeking undisclosed damages. Oracle also argues that the theft formed the basis of SAP’s “Safe Passage” program, which is designed to entice Oracle customers to switch to SAP. SAP won’t comment until it has reviewed the complaint.

“We have just been notified of the lawsuit, and have taken note of the Oracle press release,” said an SAP spokesman. “We are still reviewing the matter, and, until we have a chance to study the allegations, SAP will follow is standard policy of not commenting on pending litigation.”

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Oracle grows stronger in Lahore

Oracle Pakistan announced on Wednesday that it is strengthening its presence in Lahore as part of its expansion plan into Pakistani growth cities.

Samina Rizwan, Regional Director for Oracle South Asia Growth Economics, said Pakistan is experiencing unprecedented economic growth today and emerging companies in Pakistan’s high-growth cities provide the foundation upon which our country’s economic success would ride. “We want these companies to have lots of choice in world-class software to meet their growing information needs. Easy access to affordable technology solutions, world-class support and services to manage their business and IT infrastructure are critical to their success.”

She said the Oracle has expanded its presence into more than 45 high-growth cities across the Asia Pacific region

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Oracle On Demand Surpasses 1.7 Million User Milestone

Oracle today announced that Oracle On Demand has surpassed a milestone of more than 1.7 million users, representing more than 2,200 customers. During Q1 FY07, Oracle On Demand revenue grew by nearly 50 percent. This momentum is being driven by a significantly expanded portfolio of On Demand services across Oracle’s software products, including subscription-based solutions, managed applications, and software management services.

According to industry analyst firms, Software as a Service (SaaS) will account for 25 percent of all new business software delivered by 2011. To ensure its customers can take full advantage of this trend, Oracle On Demand provides the industry’s broadest choice of business applications and deployment offerings to match virtually any business requirement.

From comprehensive subscription applications for rapid business results such as Oracle’s Siebel CRM On Demand, to industry-leading On Demand solutions for all of Oracle’s software offerings, global customers of every size are looking to Oracle On Demand as a trusted business partner.

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