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Alvida … Phir milenge … Good Bye Tata Consultancy Services …

Dear TCS’ers …

Today, 5+ Years of my journey in TCS comes to an end. I would like to personally let you know that today I am leaving my position at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. I have enjoyed working here and I sincerely appreciate having had the chance to work with you.

Thank you for the support and encouragement you have provided me during my time at TCS. I will miss our interactions and projects we had worked on together.

I would appreciate your continued advice as I start the next phase of my career.

Please keep in touch. Again, thanks so much for your support and keep smiling.

Sometimes it gets very very hard to leave things aside and walk away, as those things have already made a big foot print in your soul.

Best regards,

TATA’s recent move dampens spirit of Symbolising India as a economic power

Tata Motors’ chief, Ratan Tata has issued a six-point directive to his group of companies to deal with the ongoing financial crisis.

Among other things, he has asked the Chief Executives of his 96 group of companies to defer acquisition plans unless they are strategically motivated.

The companies have also been asked to defer capital expenditure and capacity expansion unless required.

The companies have also been asked to conserve cash as much as possible and restructure the internal cost framework.

The directive signals a shift in the aggressive business policy of the Tatas.

In the recent past, Tata Steel’s acquisition of steel giant Corus and Tata Motors’ takeover of Jaguar Land Rover had symbolised India’s economic power. The recent move is sure to dampen spirits.

On Monday, Tata Motors shut its Lucknow plant for six days and has decided to shut down its Pune plant from November 21 to November 26.

Workers are being asked to go on a three-day forced leave and three-day leave on half-pay.

It will be a six-day forced leave for employees. Additionally, they have been asked to write and submit a leave application for the six days.

Modi gets Nano to drive from Gujarat

Within days of moving out of West Bengal, Tata Motors have decided to drive the Nano project to and from Gujarat. This development comes after Tata scouted many sites including some in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will make an announcement on Tuesday evening in a joint press conference.


The Tatas have chosen Sanand, close to Ahmedabad, as the project site. The site is located within the 2,200-acre Anand Agriculture University campus.

Sources say things are moving fast at the government front for the transfer of 1,000 acres of land to the Tatas.

Modi, who also completes seven years in office on Tuesday, will have a discussion with his Cabinet colleagues before finalising the deal.

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TCS Kolkata crowned national champion at the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz

There was excitement in the air at the MMRDA ground in Mumbai on 20th April with ten of the best corporate teams from across the country vying for the most coveted title in India’s corporate calendar with amazing display of mental capacity and sharp reflexes.

Fortunes kept swinging through the rounds. The plot kept changing, but the end result was not far from expected. TCS Kolkata, represented by Sabyasachi Chandra and G Sreekanth, emerged as the national champion at the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz 2008, the most prestigious corporate challenge of the country. Quizmaster Derek O’Brien used his entire repertoire but the duo had answers for all.

Sabyasachi and Sreekanth walked away with quite a few goodies, which included two Mahindra Scorpio SUVs and luxury cruises for family aboard the Star Cruises ship for seven days in the Pacific.

TCS Kolkata, represented by Sabyasachi and Sreekanth, has now become the only team in the country to have won all the national quizzing championships in the corporate world, namely the TATA Crucible, National Management Quiz by All India Management Association and the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz and thus, creating a niche for itself while raising the bar constantly beyond the reach for its competitors

TCS Chennai Offices weekly holidays shifted to Sunday and Monday

TCS Chennai offices have shifted their weekly holidays to Sunday and Monday instead of Saturday and Sunday. This has come into effect from 15 March 2008.

The change is in response to a request from the Tamil Nadu State Electricity Board to industrial users including software firms to extend support in conserving power.

The ‘Tuesday to Saturday’ schedule will be in existence for the next 12 weeks.

Tata buys Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford

India’s Tata Motors is buying the British-based luxury car marques Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford for 1.46 billion euros in cash. Tata Motors, is India’s top bus and lorry manufacturer and its third-largest car maker. It has been in talks with Ford since the start of this year.

Group Chairman Ratan Tata said: “We have enormous respect for the two brands and will endeavour to preserve and build on their heritage and competitiveness, keeping their identities intact.” And union leader Des Quinn said the workers are happy: “We believe it means stability and hopefully good news looking forward. We’ve had written assurances there will be no plant closures, no job losses, that their pay, their conditions, their pensions will be guaranteed, so hopefully good news and stability going forward, very much business as normal.”

The two companies employ a total of 19,000 people at five plants in central and north west England. This is not the Tata group’s first foray into the UK, last year it bought the Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus for 8.25 billion euros.

Analysts have expressed concerns about how Tata will fund this deal given the current credit crunch, and how Jaguar and Land Rover will fit into its stable of vehicles, including the Nano, the world’s cheapest car.

Nielsen partners with TCS for $1.2 billion contract

The Nielsen Company, the world’s leading provider of consumer and media information services, and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization, announced today they are entering into an agreement for outsourcing a portion of Nielsen’s Information Technology (IT) and Operations functions worldwide.

Under the ten-year agreement, valued at $1.2 billion, TCS will assume responsibility for important IT and Operational processes and help Nielsen integrate and centralize multiple systems, technologies and processes on a global scale. TCS also will assume responsibility for certain Finance and Human Resource business processes, which will be executed on new BPO platforms built by TCS.

Tata Elxsi’s VCL adds virtual reality to Ta Ra Rum Pum

Tata Elxsi’s Visual Computing Labs has provided virtual special effects for the Hindi film Ta Ra Rum Pum. The effects involved 800 shots displaying 3D people filling up a stadium, 3D cars racing on the tracks, smoke, fire and sparks and a 3-1/2 minute song sequence in CGI — with dancing bears, chocolate rivers and the actors Rani and Saif in a fantasy foodworld.

At first glance this two-hour action packed film, filled with fast cars and beautiful women, a family drama packaged in a slick  production, looks like a lot of special effects, the in-camera type, but very little CGI.

The reality is somewhat different.

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TATA Family Tree

From the morning i was in search of entire family tree of TATA’s

Tried searching the same on various TATA’s site but couldnt get to root.
Finally tried founding it on wikiepdia and after a visit to set of links in wikipedia got to the root viz. Family Tree of TATA’s

Tata family tree @ Tata Central Archives

Ratan Tata takes off in F-16

Ack : – CNN IBN Live 

After sealing the $12-billion jumbo deal to buy Anglo-Dutch steel-maker Corus, Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata pulled off another surprise by flying a fighter jet at the Aero India Show in Bangalore on Thursday.

Tata, 69, undertook the feat during the Bangalore air show, in which the makers of F-16 – US-based aerospace major Lockheed Martin – participated.

“He (Tata) has undergone medical check-up, briefing and ground training,” a source told PTI ahead of the flight scheduled on Thursday afternoon.

The Tatas are not new to aviation. Ratan Tata’s predecessor JRD Tata is celebrated as father of India’s civil aviation. JRD Tata had launched Tata Airlines in 1932, which was nationalised in 1953 and rechristened Air-India.

“I don’t get spare time, but whatever time I have is spent flying. I am a trained pilot for both planes and helicopters,” Tata had earlier said.

Though Tata Group now holds under 10 per cent stake in no-frills carrier SpiceJet, Ratan Tata has ruled out plans to enter the civil aviation space. Ratan Tata himself flies the Falcon 200 owned by group company Indian Hotels.

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