Hawk-Eye, the pioneer cricket ball trajectory tracking technology, has been bought by the Wisden Group, which plans to foray into other sports as well.

Cricinfo quoted Mark Getty, a director of Wisden Group, saying that following the acquisition they would be eyeing entry into tennis and other major international sports. ”In a relatively short space of time, Hawk-Eye has achieved a major impact in the way cricket is presented and appreciated by fans around the world. It already has enormous recognition in the sport and is now making a similar impact in the world of tennis.

”Wisden is cricket’s most famous publisher and Cricinfo is the game’s largest global website, so the addition of Hawk-Eye as the most innovative technology provider in sports broadcasting is a development that will reinforce the group’s presence and influence,” he said.

Paul Hawkins, who masterminded Hawk-Eye, will remain the managing director of Hawk-Eye Innovations.

Hawk-Eye’s increasing use saw it being applied in all four tennis Grand Slam events.