At 2 pm on race day when rubber hits the road and the world’s eyes are on the race track – TCS is ready to deliver certainty with speed for Ferrari- even at 350 km per hour

Cutting-edge solutions delivered with speed and precision and the constant search for excellence and innovation had led to a partnership between the makers of one of the world’s fastest and most famous red car and Asia’s largest software company.

TATA Consultancy Services and Scuderia Ferrari have crossed yet another milestone on their journey, completing three years of a successful relationship. In 2004, in a unique initiative both the companies had come together where teams of engineers and specialists from TCS provided IT and engineering services and assist in the development of the Formula 1 racing car and the Ferrari sports car.

The F1 car is the most complex and advanced car platform in the market, packing research in aero dynamics, engine technology, brakes, tyres and modelling to name just a few. An F1 car is a feat of engineering in many domains. It has more in common with a jet fighter than it does with a normal car.

Experts compare it to a moving solutions platform that tests not only the stamina of the drivers but also mechanical and electronic systems that have to perform under levels of extreme stress. Goalposts shift dramatically every moment and pressure to deliver is a constant. From car electronics to safety, aerodynamics to trouble-shooting, TCS works with the F1 team to provide IT-based solutions before, during and between races.

A Formula 1 entry, as part of Ferrari’s technology team is a feather in the cap for TCS, showing that the Indian industry leader is now part of an elite group that is driving the future of technology worldwide. Collection and processing of millions of data elements with speed and accuracy is daily business at Scuderia Ferrari, the Maranello, Italy-based home of the car manufacturers.

While glamour and speed is what attracts millions of viewers to the races, a lesser-known fact is that increasingly, TCS has also delivered cutting edge engineering solutions to several customers in Europe in the automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering and automation domain.

TCS remains the first and only Indian company to enter the F1 stadium alongside the most famous occupant of this global arena.