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Ek Ladka ko Dekha to Aisa Laga …

एक लडके को देखा तो ऐसा लगा..
जैसे भंवरे का रूप, जैसे सर्दीमें धूप
जैसे रेशमी चट्टान, जैसे प्यारकी उडान
जैसे बांहोमें बाग, जैसे पहेलूमें राग
जैसे सहरा में बरखा का मौसम आ गया


एक लडके को देखा तो ऐसा लगा..
जैसे महेफिलकी जान, जैसे शायरकी शान
जैसे जंगका एलान, जैसे गुंजती अझान
जैसे मीठा झहर, जैसे सुबहकी लहर
जैसे गोरे बदन पे बरसती काली घटा…
दो लफ्झोकी है दिलकी कहानी,
या है मुहोब्बत, या है जवानी !
एक लडके को देखा तो ऐसा लगा..
जैसे प्यारा सा गांव, जैसे झुल्फोंकी छांव
जैसे सपनों का रंग, जैसे वादियोंका संग
जैसे रातमेँ चिराग, जैसे जंगलमें बाग
जैसे धीरे धीरे फैलता हो ख्वाबका धुंवा…
एक लडके को देखा तो ऐसा लगा..

Kuch Dil se – Friends Forever

Waqt ki dhup ho ya barish,
Kuch kadmo ke nishan kabhi nahi khote,
Jinhe yaad kar ke khush hoti hain ankhen,
Woh log paas na ho kar bhi door nahi hote…

Teri dosti ne Zindgi ko Ek Maksad diya hain,
Har Sukh-Dukh me Maine Tera ehsaas kiya hain,
Jab bhi Jhapke Palak Teri,
To Samaj lena iss dost ne Yaad kiya hain…

Aapki Muskaan kabhi honthon se na chhute,
Duniya mein aapse koi kabhi na ruthe,
Meherbaan ho khuda itna aap par,
Ke aasmaan ke taare bhi aapki marzi se toote…!!!

Smart Sardar …

Aaj Tak gets news that 100 sardars are killed in a train accident at Amritsar station. Only one sardar left alive. The correspondent goes to him and asks, “Sardarji how did it

Sardar: “Oh ji pucho mat. sab kuch sahi tha sab log platform par khade gaadi ki wait kar rahe they. Achanak announcement hui ki shatabdee express 2 no. platform par aa rahi hai. Jaise hi sab ne suna ki gaddi PLATFORM PAR aa rahi hai, sab log apni jaan bachane ke liye patri
par kood gaye. Aur tabhi gaddi patri par aa gayi.”

Aaj tak: “Thank god. Aap ne samajhdari dikhayee. Aap patri par nahin koode.”

Sardar: “oe nahin ji main to suicide karne ke liye patri par hi leta tha. Jaise hi announcement hui main to platform par chad gaya.”

Deadly PJ of the Day


Arz hai……….Zara Gaur Farmaiye

Tera Pyar Paana hain

Wah Wah

Gaur farmaiyega..

Tera Pyar Paana hain

Wah Wah ..kya baat hain

Aur Mera Pyar Nut-Bolt hain.. !!

Subhan allah..
Subhan allah!!

What is B.E?

8 semesters are there

80GB syllabus

80MB we study

80KB we remember

80 Bytes we answer

BINARY marks we get,

The Degree finally we get is BE

That is Brain Empty (B.E)

Info about Cultural Celebrations in China

The Chinese generally nod as an initial greeting, bowing is used in ceremonies, handshakes are also becoming popular.
Normally avoid using hand gestures while talking.
Acknowledge the most senior person in a group first.
Exchanging business cards is very popular.
Each person has a family name followed by a generational name, followed lastly by the first name.
8 is considered the luckiest of numbers in China, 6 is considered a blessing for smoothness and problem free advances. 4 is taboo as it means death, 73 stands for “the funeral” and 84 stands for “having accidents”.
Red is considered a good colour, as a sign of prosperity.
During a chinese meal, 20 to 30 courses are served.
Never leave a “clean plate” as it is considered that you were not served enough, which is an insult, on the other hand, never leave food untouched.
It would be appreciated if you eat with chopsticks, however try not to drop them as this is considered to be bad luck.

English v/s Hindi

How wud sum common English sayings direct translate in Hindi ??? Just for fun
Have a nice day! —- Achcha din lo!

What’s up? —– Uppar kya hai?

You’re kidding! —– Tum bachcha bana rahe ho!

Don’t kid me! —– Mera bachcha mat banaao!

Yo, baby! What’s up? —– Beti Yo, uppar kya hai?

Cool man! —– Thandaa aadmi!

Check this out, man! —- Iskee chaanbeen karo, aadmi!

Don’t mess with me, dude. —– Mere saath gandagi mat karo, e vyakti.

She’s so fine! —– Who itnee baareek hai!

Listen buddy, that chick’s mine, okay!? —– Suno dost, who chooza mera hai, theek?

Hey good looking; what’s cooking? —- Arrey sundarta ki devi; kya pakaa rahee ho?

Are you nuts? —– Kya aap akhrot hain?

Son of a gun. —– Bachcha bandook ka.

Rock the party. —- Party mein patthar feko.

And the best ones are…..

How do you do? —– Kaise karte ho?

Keep in touch! —– Chhoote Raho.

Lets hang out! —– Chalo bahar latakte hain

Friends Forever …

Khushi bhi doston se hai
Gam bhi doston se hai

Takraar bhi doston se hai
Pyar bhi doston se hai

Roothna bhi doston se hai
Manana bhi doston se hai

Baat bhi doston se hai
Misaal bhi doston se hai

Nasha bhi doston se hai
Shaam bhi doston se hai

Zindagi ki shuruvaat bhi doston se hai
Zindagi main mulakaat bhi doston se hai

Mohabbat bhi doston se hai
Inaayat bhi doston se hai

Kaam bhi doston se hai
Naam bhi doston se hai

Khyal bhi doston se hai
Armaan bhi doston se hai

Khvab bhi doston se hai
Maahol bhi doston se hai

Yaadein bhi doston se hai
Mulakaatein bhi doston se hai

Sapne bhi doston se hain
Apne bhi doston se hai

Ya yoon kahoon yaro
Apni toh duniya hi doston se hai

Gujarat riots a genocide; Modi sanctioned it: Tehelka

Ref :-

Investigative weekly Tehelka on Thursday claimed to have unravelled the truth behind the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Tehelka claimed it had ‘irrefutable’ evidence that the killings of Muslims post-Godhra train carnage in Gujarat was ‘not a spontaneous swell of anger but a genocide’ planned and executed by top functionaries of the Sangh Parivar and state authorities ‘with the sanction’ of Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Addressing a press conference in New Delhi, Tehelka Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal claimed that the magazine had carried out a sting operation over the last six months by talking to a number of Sangh Parivar leaders, including Godhra BJP MLA Haresh Bhatt, Shiv Sena leader Babu Bajrangi, who was earlier in the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and VHP leaders Anil Patel and Dhawal Jayanti Patel, to bring out the truth.

“We have evidence that bombs were being made in the VHP office premises,” Harinder Baweja, Editor (Investigations), told

“In Tehelka’s ground breaking investigations, for the first time, hear the truth of the genocidal killings from the men who actually did it. In shocking disclosures, Chief Minister Narendra Modi came and patted the back of criminals, and told them that they had done a good job,” Baweja said.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has reacted sharply to the magazine’s report stating that Tehelka was acting as CIA (Congress Investigating Agency) and it was a collusive sting, which could hardly be called investigative journalism.

Party spokesman Prakash Javedekar said the ‘dirty tricks department’ of the Congress was at work again in view of the assembly elections in Gujarat.

None of the leaders caught on camera in the expose was available for comments, except Gujarat VHP leader Dhawal Jayanti Patel who said Bajrangi had not talked to him during the riots and that he had not seen the sting operation.

Bhatt was purportedly caught on tape saying he was present in a meeting in which Modi allegedly gave him three days time ‘to do whatever they wanted.’

“After three days, he (Modi) asked to stop and everything came to a halt,” Bhatt said, adding that the chief minister thanked them after the Naroda Patiya masssacre.

The magazine claimed that Dhawal Jayanti Patel told its undercover reporter that the VHP activists made lots of bombs in a factory owned by him. A BJP MLA was shown as saying they even made rocket launchers, which were used in the pogrom.

It also claimed that it has exposed ‘a trail of lies and coercions’ that establishes the fire in coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express in Godhra on February 27, 2002 was a case of spontaneous mob fury and not a pre-meditated conspiracy as stated by the Gujarat government.

Interesting information about Australia

The Handshake is the preferred Greeting in Australia. Maintaining Eye contact is important.
For Initial Greetings, last names preceeded by “Mr”, “Mrs” or “Ms” should be used, “Sir” is another term of respect, Australians tend to move quickly on to a first name basis, but wait for them to initiate this transition.
“G’day Mate” is a popular casual greeting, particular between individuals who have already established a cordial acquaintance.
Australians tend to be enthusiastic conversationalists and debaters.
Australians generally try not to draw too much attention to their educational qualifications and personal accomplishments, as this is considered as “showing Off”.
Sports is a common topic of conversation.
It is common for Men to open doors for women, young people for elders etc.
Australian Food is difficult to define, Australians eat Italian, Thai, Chinese or Europeon food. Barbecues also known as “barbies” are very popular form of home entertaining.
Unannounced visits are not part of Australian culture, so always make it a point to phone ahead.
The weathers differs as per the geography, it is tropican in the north and temparate in the south.

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