The Handshake is the preferred Greeting in Australia. Maintaining Eye contact is important.
For Initial Greetings, last names preceeded by “Mr”, “Mrs” or “Ms” should be used, “Sir” is another term of respect, Australians tend to move quickly on to a first name basis, but wait for them to initiate this transition.
“G’day Mate” is a popular casual greeting, particular between individuals who have already established a cordial acquaintance.
Australians tend to be enthusiastic conversationalists and debaters.
Australians generally try not to draw too much attention to their educational qualifications and personal accomplishments, as this is considered as “showing Off”.
Sports is a common topic of conversation.
It is common for Men to open doors for women, young people for elders etc.
Australian Food is difficult to define, Australians eat Italian, Thai, Chinese or Europeon food. Barbecues also known as “barbies” are very popular form of home entertaining.
Unannounced visits are not part of Australian culture, so always make it a point to phone ahead.
The weathers differs as per the geography, it is tropican in the north and temparate in the south.