The Chinese generally nod as an initial greeting, bowing is used in ceremonies, handshakes are also becoming popular.
Normally avoid using hand gestures while talking.
Acknowledge the most senior person in a group first.
Exchanging business cards is very popular.
Each person has a family name followed by a generational name, followed lastly by the first name.
8 is considered the luckiest of numbers in China, 6 is considered a blessing for smoothness and problem free advances. 4 is taboo as it means death, 73 stands for “the funeral” and 84 stands for “having accidents”.
Red is considered a good colour, as a sign of prosperity.
During a chinese meal, 20 to 30 courses are served.
Never leave a “clean plate” as it is considered that you were not served enough, which is an insult, on the other hand, never leave food untouched.
It would be appreciated if you eat with chopsticks, however try not to drop them as this is considered to be bad luck.