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The reason why I smile all the time and be happy is because i carry on flirting 🙂

look in his direction and lower your eyes just as he catches your gaze. You then give him a shy smile. He in turn looks at you and runs his fingers through his hair, giving you a slight smile.

This is flirting at its subtle best. Light-hearted flirting is not only good for your ego but also good for your health!

It is important to remember that flirting may not be as open or as accepted in India as compared to the western countries.

Flirt Away

Flirting good for your health you wonder? Yes it is.

Psychologist and relationship counsellor Dr. Tushar Guha says, “Remember flirting cannot be generalised. Traditional and conservative people will never consider flirting. Having said that, there are quite a lot of open-minded, modern men and women who do resort to flirting.”

You need to know what kind of flirting you want to resort to and what the purpose of your flirting is. After all, you don’t want it to end at the end of the night, do you?

When you are flirting for fun you need to send out the right signals and let the other person know through your actions that you are just flirting for fun.

For example, you are at a fast-food joint and manage to make eye contact with a guy. You just make eye contact all through your respective meals and leave it at that. You leave once you are done, taking it no further. This is a form of very subtle light-hearted flirting. This is flirting for fun.

Light-hearted flirting is an effective ice-breaker between two people. In fact, some couples began their relationship with light-hearted flirting.
Send the Right Signals

So you want to start flirting; begin with the right body language.

For example, picture a man on the opposite table at a coffee house throwing a few appreciative glances in your direction. Your body just tightens up and you do not even smile when he looks at you (even though you may want to). The man may think that you are not interested and will not push it.

However, if you throw him a few appreciative glances in return and give him a slight smile, he may even come and talk to you.

Here are a body signals that convey more than words:

The eyes say it all

Dr. Guha says, “Eye flirting or eye contact is one of the most common ways of flirting.”

You can look at him and meet his gaze. Hold that look for about 30 seconds and then go back to what you are doing. Wait for another 30 seconds and give him another look with a small smile.

In all probability he will smile back and who knows where it will go from there.

It is important to remember that only you can and should decide how far you want the flirting to go.

Face off

Like your eyes, your face too conveys more messages than you know. A sweet, small smile, a tilt of the head, or even running your fingers gently at the edge of your hair are all signs of interest.

And your body says…

Your body language includes hand gestures and the signals that your body gives out.

If your gestures are inviting (like you may place your hand on his if you two get talking) and your body is relaxed when meeting his gaze, he will know that you are interested and comfortable flirting with him.

Also when looking at him and your body is at ease with flirting with him, he will know that you are at ease and will reciprocate your flirtatious behaviour too.

Touchy, touchy

So now that he is at your table and you are talking to him, you could inadvertently lay your hand gently over his in course of conversation.

You could also gently tap his forearm when you are laughing.

The important thing to remember here is that you need to know how to touch and where to touch him.

Remember, do this only if you are comfortable. If you are not the touchy kind of person, please do not resort to touching.

Who are you flirting with?

Who you flirt with is another very important aspect to the flirting game. Sometimes, in all haste you may end up flirting with the wrong person.

A good idea would be to observe the person you intend to flirt with very subtly. And while you may not be able to establish his character through the course of your observation, you can confer his mannerisms like the way he is talking to his friends, or the way he talks on his phone and the way he deals with people around him.

Before you flirt with anyone, you must be prepared that he could be taken aback by what he could confer as bold behaviour on your part.

All said and done, Indian women are still considered to be conservative and traditional, so if you get a surprised or cold response from a man, do not lose heart.

Look for someone who is a lot more laid-back and will view flirting just the way it should be viewed… as simple harmless fun.

Floor him!

Now that you know all there is to know about flirting, go ahead and floor the man. Just make sure that you do only what you are comfortable doing.

Flirting with your partner is good even when you are in a steady relationship or marriage. This will help you rediscover the spark in your relationship and marriage.

It will knock your partner off his feet…just the way he wants.

So flirting with your partner is okay, but if you are married or in a steady relationship, flirting with another person is not a good idea.

Even light-hearted flirting with another person, if you are married or in a steady relationship, just could lead onto something more serious.

India calling

Remember that flirting is looked down upon in our country. But, as mentioned above if the person, place and environment permits it, go ahead and flirt.