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Salesforce – Checkbox in DataTable

Displaying the check box in a data table or page block table is a general requirement in every project. with the help of wrapper class we can display the checkboxes in a data table. SrinivasaRao Pendala writes a simple and neat article on how to generate checkboxes in data table.

Also added in the code is small javascript so that if we select the header checkbox it will select all the checkboxes.

Read complete article @ Salesforce Wiki

About Friends, Friendship is not about …

Friendship is not about “I m sorry “ its about “abbe teri galti hai “

Friendship is not about “I m there for u “ its about “kahan marr gaya saale “

Friendship is not about “I understand “ its about “sab teri wajah se hua manhus“

Friendship is not about “I care for u “ its about “kamino tumhe chhod ke kahan jaunga “

Friendship is not about “I m happy for ur success “its about “chal party de saale“

Friendship is not about “I love that girl“ its about “saalo izzat se dekho tumhari bhabhi hain “

Friendship is not about “R u coming for outing tomorrow “ its about “ nautanki nahi, hum kal bahar ja rahe hai “

Friendship is not about “Get well soon “ its about “ Itna piyega toh yehi hoga“

Friendship is not about “All the best for ur career“its about “bahut hua, abhi toh switch mar saale“

What is Google Wave?

O’Reilly’s upcoming book Google Wave: Up and Running on Google Wave showcases

How a wave is structured?
How it works?
Also it details on Robots, Gadgets, Embedded Waves, Wavelets, Blips, threaded conversation model ….

So What Exactly Is Google Wave?

Google Wave is a real-time communication and collaboration platform that incorporates several types of web technologies, including email, instant messaging (IM), wiki, online documents, and gadgets. In more technical terms, Google Wave is a platform based on hosted XML documents (called waves) supporting concurrent modifications and low-latency updates.

The Google Wave user interface includes panes that dynamically update with content as users interact with waves.

A general overview of how a wave is structured. Waves contain wavelets, which are containers for blips (messages) added by participants. Extensions, in the form of robots and gadgets augment the conversation between participants in a wave by adding different types of features and functionality to a conversation.

Google Wave

The threaded conversation model includes one or more threads based on replies to an initial message or replies to other replies.

Waiting for Google Wave Invite, check the invite post @

Google Wave Preview Invitations …

Hey Friends,

Google Wave

The most anticipated Google wave is live in limited mode. Currently it is in invitation mode, where in you need to request for an invitation to Google and they will revert back with limited version of Google Wave.

Wave is a new step towards Collobaration …

Google Wave

Ready (Telugu Movie)

Rating : 8/10

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Plot : Preparing for her wedding, Pooja (Genelia D’Souza) returns home to visit her family in India, where she meets Chandu (Ram). The handsome college student immediately falls for her and refuses to let her betrothal stand in the way of his passion. Now all he has to do is convince Pooja and her family that he’s the right guy for her, despite a case of mistaken identity and a terrible misunderstanding that leads to an accidental kidnapping.

Really hilarious and non stop family based comedy. You will enjoy every moment.  Songs are also good and the best is cute lovely Genelia …. Love her … Genelia, I would love to date you .. lol ..

View the movie with English subtitles at

Happy Birthday Father Gandhi Ji ..

There is a name that profounds too big than anyone when we think of our freedom, India’s freedom. Though we are talking about freedom fighter but the irony is that this person is known for non violence or zero violence.

Simple, Zero violence, follower of Ahimsa principles … the none other than … my and entire India’s father .. Mahatma Gandhi.

Today we celebrate birthday of Gandhi, my hearty wishes to his soul.

I pray and wish that every individual on earth follows non-violence taught to us by reglious souls like Mahavira, Buddha and then practiced by leader like Gandhi.

Happy Birthday Gandhi Ji ..


Salesforce – Hide standard buttons display

Below version isn’t working due to cross domain issues (As visualforce pages are served from * domain and salesforce standard pages are served from * domain, so it results in cross domain errors).

Please read new working version @

There are many a times where we want to remove few standard buttons from page layout, but there is no such option to remove such restricted buttons. Few such buttons are …

  • “New Note” or “Attach File” button on Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments Related list
  • “Save & Send Invitation” button on New Event page
  • Following is a solution which will hide “Save & Send Invitation” button on New Event page

    STEP1: Visualforce Code

    <apex :page sidebar="false" showHeader="false">
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    window.onload = new function()
    window.parent.document.getElementsByName("sendEmail")[0].style.display = 'none';
    window.parent.document.getElementsByName("sendEmail")[1].style.display = 'none';


    STEP2: Create a Home Page Component of type (HTML Area)

    <iframe src="/apex/aboveVFPageName" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="100"></iframe>

    STEP3: Add above created Home page component in your home page layout.

    That’s it you are all set, now open New Event and add invitees, automatically the “Save & Send Invitation” button will disappear.

    Algorithm for converting 15 digit Salesforce Id to 18 digit

    Following is an algorithm I found on Salesforce Community. It converts a 15 digit salesforce Id to the corresponding 18 digit Salesforce Id. This is pretty helpful in onclick JavaScript codes and S-Controls where merge fields normally return only 15 digits. Also, although the code is in JavaScript, it can be easily converted to any other coding language code.

    function normaliseSforceID( id) { // fluff up a 15 char id to return an 18 char id
    if (id == null) return id;
    id = id.replace(/\"/g, ''); // scrub quotes from this id
    if (id.length != 15) {
    //print('well, id is not 15, bye' + id + ' ' + id.length);
    return null;
    var suffix = "";
    for (var i = 0; i < 3; i++) { var flags = 0; for (var j = 0; j < 5; j++) { var c = id.charAt(i * 5 + j); if (c >= 'A' && c < = 'Z') { flags += 1 << j; } } if (flags <= 25) { suffix += "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ".charAt(flags); } else { suffix += "012345".charAt(flags-26); } } return id + suffix; }

    Intel cleanrooms are 10000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room

    While blogging, surfing around I came across an article which astonished me as it read “Intel cleanrooms are 10000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room”

    Really strange, Intel says

    Cleanrooms are 10,000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room. It takes an incredible amount of technology to achieve and maintain such cleanliness. Huge air filtration systems completely change the air in cleanrooms about 10 times per minute, reducing the chance that there are airborne particles that might harm the chips.

    Keeping the environment clean, however, is only half of the story. What about the people who work in the cleanrooms? The thousands of people who work in Intel cleanrooms all wear special uniforms called “bunny suits” to protect the chips from human particles such as skin flakes or hairs. A bunny suit is made from a unique non-linting, anti-static fabric and is worn over street clothes.

    Read More @

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