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Month: September 2010

Orkut Virus Warning: Bom Sabado!

I got Bom Sabado Orkut Scraps in my gmail account from almost 3 friends in my network.

I wasn’t able to find any official information regarding this. But there is a serious scrap that is spreading verry fast to all orkut users.

Before opening orkut, I searched about this on google and found couple of warning messages

When I opened orkut and tried to visit those friends profile, I suddenly noticed in my updates that I have joined few Porno related community and have sent that scrap too all my friends in my network. I tried to visit that community and unjoined from that, but orkut was so slooow. After that I saw I again joined that community. This is too bad and a scam for sure. So my request is that please do not open your Orkut account any sooner or you will be a victim.

All those communities were in Portuguese language, so it may be originated from there or Brazil, where Orkut is most popular.Change your password soon.

In the mean time, remember these :

1. DONOT visit any profile on Orkut till this script is blocked ( More preciously DONOT use Orkut till this is blocked, as you can get affected by Flash scraps posted on your SB too! )

2. Clear your cookies and cache right away and change your password and security question :

3. Let your friends know about this script and make them aware of the situation. ( It’s just an effort to minimize the damage ).

Create Salesforce lightboxes – Modal Dialogs

Lightbox components are a standard part of the Salesforce UI, but they’re not easily available (until now!) for your own code.

Salesforce lightboxes have the following properties:

  • They “grey out” the rest of the page behind the component, making the page unclickable until the lightbox is dismissed
  • They can be dragged around the screen by dragging on the title bar
  • They can contain any content you like, including a Visualforce page (use an iframe inside the lightbox)

Get Salesforce Lighbox component @

VMforce : Cloud Computing for Java Developers : Recorded Webinar

The recorded webinar “VMforce : Cloud Computing for Java Developers” provides an introduction to Cloud Computing, overview of the platform, and a sneak peak of VMforce.

The webinar was recorded, and it is available for viewing @

For additional information, tutorials and tips, visit following site and blog:


On eve of Jain Paryushan Festival, I request

KHAAMEMI SAVVE JEEVA (I grant forgiveness to all living beings)
SAVVE JEEVA KHAMANTU ME (May all living beings grant me forgiveness)
METTI ME SAVVE BHUYESU (My friendship is with all living beings)
VAIRAM MAJHAM NA KENAI (My enemy is totally non-existent)

With best wishes and prayers for the well-being of all living beings!