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Facebook Email or FEmail or FMail or Future Email ….?

Are we going to hear something spectacular or something really new n future Email service from There are lot of speculations on inet about Facebook about to announce it’s email service tomorrow (15 Nov, 2010). Let’s wait and watch.

However there are few interesting facts

  • Facebook has acquired the domain name. The whois record for the domain name just updated to show Facebook’s name and nameservers for the domain name.
  • Try and send email to “” (i.e.,, the email doesn’t bounce back
  • – prompts you with username and password to login to facebook email – Is it employee email account login or is it future login portal for the public

So there’s something really coming up this Monday, FEmail or FMail or Future Email ….

Facebook latest feature : “Download Your Information”

Just came across a new latest feature from Facebook, “Download Your Information.” Feature was launched almost a month back, I just came across it today.

This tool lets you download a copy of your information, including your photos and videos, posts on your wall, all of your messages, your friend list and other content you have shared on your profile. Within this zip file you will have access to your data in a simple, browseable manner.

Learn More about downloading a copy of your information @

Should parents be on Facebook?

Stage 1
‘Oh, how cool. My parents are getting net-savvy!’ This stage lasts for 30 seconds.

Stage 2
‘Aaaarghh!! They can see everything – my photos, my friends, my profile pictures, what my friends have said about my pictures, my wall!’

Stage 3
Deep breathing. ‘It’s okay. I won’t accept the request.’

Stage 4
Later that evening: ‘Beta you didn’t accept my friend request? I sent it to you this morning, will you please accept, abhi?’

Stage 5
For the first time in your life, you take an in-depth look at Facebook’s privacy settings. You realize that it’s very, very inscrutable. Two days later, your girlfriend posts the pictures of you and her at the party you went for last week.

Stage 6
Mom posts a comment on the picture/your wall, asking if this is how she behaves in public. Your friends shriek with laughter and you hide under the bed for a week. When you come out, you find your girlfriend has dumped you and will never face you, your parents, or any other friends in that party again.

Stage 7
You spend three days scanning every photo you put up, comment you made, note you posted, and quiz you took, deleting, deleting, deleting.

Stage 8
Mom discovers quizzes! The world finds out that she has a 98 per cent dirty mind; she is Surma Bhopali from Sholay; sings ‘Who let the dogs out’ in the bathroom; and her stripper name is Hot Chocolate.
You don’t log in for a month.

Stage 9
You finally log in again, and find that her entire friend circle – including your aunts and your dad – has joined the social networking site. They have been, via your cousins, going through your profile with a fine toothcomb. There are 17 friend requests pending.

Stage 10
Dad becomes a fan of Megan Fox. It’s followed by intensely aggressive reaction from mom. Aunts support her. Friends start taking screenshots of the discussion and forwarding it around among each other. You throw your computer out of the window.

On the serious side Should parents be on Facebook? The immediate reaction is negative, because we’ve got used to a certain level of privacy and freedom out here, and we’d rather not have someone looking over our shoulder disapprovingly.

But are you doing something that you’d be ashamed to share with your parents? If yes, why are you doing it at all? It may take some getting used to, but in the long run, it can be an opportunity to bond with your parents in a way that you had never thought of before.

Remember, they did figure it out on their own – doesn’t that deserve some respect? And won’t it be a lot more fun if you can help them through this, without embarrassing them or you? And once you know they’re around, thinking – even for 5 seconds – before posting is not such a bad habit. It can save you from making the blooper of a lifetime.

Read recent Facebook posts & Attract Facebook fans from your own websites

Update from Facebook Team …

As a Facebook Page owner, you can implement the Fan Box widget on your own website to gain more fans and share your Facebook updates. Implementing requires pasting just 4 lines of code.

The widget currently has 3 components: “Button”, “Stream” (optional), and “Fans List” (optional). The widget can fit in a space as small as 200 x 64 (just the “button”) or offer a richer experience including recent posts and other fans at a full 600 x 544 pixels (width adjustable from 200 – 600 pixels).

Some live examples on each Page’s own website for businesses include Coca-Cola, Blackberry, Tide, Herbal Essences, and Threadless.

About Facebook Fan Box
The Facebook Fan Box is a social widget(just 5-10 lines of HTML Code) that allows Facebook PAGE owners(i.e., we) to attract and gain Facebook fans from their own website(i.e.,

The Fan Box lets users:
• See how many users are already fans, and see some of their friends who are
• Read recent posts by from the Page
• Become a fan with 1-click without needing to visit the Page

UPDATE : Use Iframe, for easier access to Fan Box.

<iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0"

src="" allowtransparency="true"
style="border: none; width: 300px; height:550px;">

OR you can Copy following code to any page on your site where you want to display a Fan Box.

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script><script type=”text/javascript”>FB.init(“API_KEY”, “”);</script><fb:fan profile_id=”YOUR_PAGE_ID”stram=”1″ connections=”10″
width=”300″></fb:fan><div style=”font-size:8px; padding-left:10px”><a href=”VANITY_URL”>PAGE_NAME</a> on Facebook


Facebook Fan Image

Customizing the Fan Box

The Fan Box gets rendered by the fb:fan XFBML tag. You can customize the Fan Box by changing the defaults for the following attributes in the fb:fan tag:
profile_id: The ID of the Page associated with the Fan Box.
stream: Set to 1 to display stream stories in the Fan Box or 0 to hide stream stories.
connections: The number of fans to display in the Fan Box. Specifying 0 hides the list of fans in the Fan Box.
width: The width of the Fan Box in pixels.
height: The height of the Fan Box in pixels.

Bugs (Discovered as per my Implementation)
Above code works perfectly fine in Mozilla Firefox. The fan box gets rendered properly. But the same code doesn’t render a fan box in IE,chrome and not even in Safari.