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Is Aamir a Marketing Genius …

Aamir can give lessons in film marketing at top B-schools globally.

Some cases in point:

  • Ghulam (Aamir promoted the train stunt),
  • Ghajini (got down to giving kids the buzz cut in Delhi),
  • Fanaa (landed up to support Narmada Bachao Andolan),
  • Taare… (activities with Darsheel Safary),
  • Lagaan (Oscar buzz), and
  • 3 Idiots (vanished only to emerge in disguise on an all-India road tour).

He sticks to the brands which he endorses
He is a perfectionist ..
He delivers what he promises
He has an intellectual image

At end, he is classy ……

Indian Animation Industry

In possible good news for a faltering animation industry in India, NASSCOM has forecasted that the industry will grow to USD 1 billion by 2012 from an estimated USD 494 million in 2008.

The report, released at the NASSCOM Animation & Gaming Summit 2009 in Hyderabad, outlines the key challenges for the animation and vfx markets. Noteworthy among them are: ‘the limited demand for animation due to limited promotional budgets and restricted theatrical distribution, scarcity of long-term financing for animated films, competition from foreign animation and restricted use of vfx in Bollywood.’

Interestingly, the animation entertainment segment (which includes feature films, direct-to-DVD, advertising and TV) accounted only 22% of the total market in 2008; while vfx accounted for a mere 13% of the pie. As of today several animation films are in the pipeline for release next year. Biren Ghose, Chairman of NAGFO, who recently joined Paprikaas as General Manager, said, “Not many of the 15 or so animation films that have been announced will release next year.”

On a positive note, he said, “Visual effects (vfx) is an emerging market. About 8-12% of a movie’s budget is spent on vfx. Despite questions raised about the failure of vfx-heavy movies, it has to be noted that Aladin’s vfx budget was only 16% (10-20 crores) of the total cost. In other countries, box-office revenues are small chunk of total profit made by a feature, but in India box-office collection plays a major part in the revenues.”

He also added that animation industry should adapt to Bollywood’s example of having restructured to a higher profitability model, post recession.

Presentation: Barack Obama’s Internet Strategy

We’ve written a lot about how Barack Obama’s Internet strategy was a significant reason for his success last year – first in the Democratic nomination, then the Presidential election. We’ve analyzed how the Obama campaign made masterful use of social media and we’ve commented on Obama’s use of the Internet as President – not to mention the rise of the goverati. Tonight we came across an extensive presentation about Obama’s overall Internet strategy. We think it’s well worth a read, so we’ve embedded it below.

This presentation was done by Igor Beuker of, with research by Paul van Veenendaal – who apparently used over 250 different sources to create this impressive slideshow.

The presentation lists the following ways that Obama was “everywhere” in social media during his campaign:

  • Obama has gained 5 million supporters in third party social networks.
  • Obama maintained a profile in more than 15 online communities, including BlackPlanet, a MySpace for African Americans, and Eons, a Facebook for baby boomers.
  • On Facebook, where about 3.2 million (during the campaign) signed up as his supporters, a group called Students for Barack Obama was created in July 2007.
  • It was so effective at energizing college-age voters that senior aides made it an official part of the campaign the following spring.
  • And Facebook users did vote: On Facebook’s Election 2008 page, which listed an 800 number to call for voting problems, more than 5.4 million users clicked on an “I Voted” button to let their Facebook friends know that they made it to the polls.

Also check out these statistics from Obama’s main website / social network,

  • On, Obama’s own social network, 2 million profiles were created
  • In addition, 200,000 offline events were planned
  • About 400,000 blog posts were written
  • And more than 35,000 volunteer groups were created – at least 1,000 of them on Feb. 10, 2007, the day Obama announced his candidacy

Here’s the full presentation, with many more interesting facts and figures, via the wonderful SlideShare:

Case Study: The Barack Obama Strategy

How you can safeguard your current job

Marcel R Parker, Chairman, IKYA Human Solutions Pvt Ltd , has some tips on how you can safeguard your current job.

1. Under promise and over deliver

Walk that extra mile for the organisation with a smile as though your life depended on it. You are bound to get noticed for your attitude. Stick to your targets and deadlines consistently.

2. Get proactive

Volunteer for new tasks/responsibilities, no matter how mundane or onerous they may be. Look at it this way- Can I add value to myself and my organisation by doing these tasks?

3. Get stingy

Try and find ways to save and reduce wasteful expenditure no matter how silly they may appear-this demonstrates concern for the organisation in hard times. For example, conserving energy, printing only what is essential, recycling water etc may seem petty but these costs if well managed can have huge saving potential.

Even to add, there’s a disclaimer too 🙂
Disclaimer: While we have made efforts to ensure the accuracy of our content (consisting of articles and information), neither this website nor the author shall be held responsible for any losses/ incidents suffered by people accessing, using or is supplied with the content.

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What you should do if you lose your job

Across sectors there are fears of cost cutting and consolidation. “Most people never predict a job loss,” continues Aruna Sampat of HR consultancy firm Career Catalysts, “and are caught off guard when they get laid off.”

Sampat cuts the jargon and tells you what you should do if you lose your job.

1. Don’t panic

A job loss has nothing to do with performance, or your ability. It’s more about redundancy of your role in the company. Once this understanding seeps in, you will you be able to concentrate on finding a new job.

2. Make a list

Update your resume and follow a daily schedule. Now that you have time on hand, set aside at least five to six hours a day on job hunting – including research, calls, interviews etc. Make a list of the people and companies which can help you. Be specific on how they can help you.

3. Get aggressive

Make sure that you have your detailed resume up on every job portal there is. Some portals you can put your resume are,,,,, etc.

4. Talk to other pros

Focus on what kind of job you want. Assess market situation and make your plan. If a role is interesting but the company is not so much a brand name, are you willing for a lateral move, or would you like to take a cut in salary for a brand? Think through. Talking to senior professionals may help to give you a perspective

5. Freelance

Do not hesitate to take up freelance assignments. Look at it this way. You will keep your skills up to date and it will bring home a few bucks. In the meanwhile keep hunting for a job.

6. Be transparent

Most people don’t want to mention they have been laid off. “But hiding it will only complicate things,” continues Sampat, “being laid off is not a taboo anymore amongst companies. They will hire you for your skills.” So be transparent in your next job interview and tell them why you were laid off.

7. No blame-game

Blaming the company or your luck during an interview is a strict no-no. Companies like hiring people with a positive outlook. After all, this can happen to any company.

8. Reference friendly

Make sure that you have all your references ready when you go for interviews and do not hesitate to give them if asked. Inform your reference in advance so that they are not caught unaware and will able to contribute in getting you a job.

9. Network

You have the time to go out, so make use of it. Network like crazy. Nothing has more impact than a meeting. Also make sure you follow up with your contacts so that they think of you the first time an opportunity springs up.

10. Stay healthy

Last but not the least you have to stay fit and keep healthy. Only this will keep you motivated and mentally fit.

“Getting a new job can take time – from a week to several months,” continues Sampat, “but the real test is to stay put in these times and focus on sailing through this crisis.”

Source :

Anil Ambani group launches direct-to-home TV service

The Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group launched its direct-to-home (DTH) television broadcasting service on Tuesday under the “Reliance Big TV” banner with a bouquet of 202 channels for customers across India.

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Google ready to buy Adscape for $23-m

Google Inc. has agreed to acquire in-game advertising company Adscape Media Inc. for $23 million, according to technology site Red Herring, which cited sources familiar with the matter.

A Google spokesman declined comment, saying the company’s policy is not to respond to “rumor or speculation.”

Video game industry analysts said the acquisition, if successful, could give a boost to the nascent in-game advertising market.

Adscape competes with advertising start-ups Double Fusion and IGA Worldwide, which have already inked deals with major publishers.

It also has a rival in Microsoft Corp., which last year paid $200 million for in-game ad company Massive Inc. — lured by Massive’s agreements to place ads in online games from UbiSoft Entertainment SA, THQ Inc. and Take- Two Interactive Software Inc

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Mumbai boy chips in to power Intel

In the next five to 10 years, when your desktop PC, your laptop or your mobile devices will turn into supercomputing workstations, you will have Mumbai-born tech whiz Nitin Borkar and his Intel teams at Oregon, USA and Bangalore to thank. On Tuesday, Borkar, engineering manager at Intel’s Microprocessor Technology Labs, unveiled the world’s fastest, most energy-efficient microprocessor — an 80-core chip the size of fingernail that can perform trillions of operations per second.

“Our research team has kept Moore’s Law alive,” Borkar said during an exclusive interview with DNA. Moore’s Law, postulated by Intel’s co-founder Gordon Moore,
essentially says that microprocessors will double in capacity and halve in price every 18 months. Ever since the “law” was put forward, technologists across the world have feared one thing: what if the space runs out on a microprocessor? Leaps in computing technology by Intel and rival AMD such as the dual core and quad core processors were considered significant, but neither comes close to the Teraflop Research Processor

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TCS Eyes Slot In Global Top 10 IT Services Club By March End

India’s largest software exporter Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) hopes to break into the coveted club of global top 10 IT services companies in revenue terms by end of the current fiscal – way ahead of the earlier anticipated timeline of 2010.

“The company currently ranks 12th on revenue basis. We had pegged the timeframe for joining the top ten club, at 2010. However, on certain parameters like net profit, market capitalization and employee strength we are already in the top five or six list. We hope to join the top 10 league in revenue terms by end of the fiscal,” TCS CEO and MD S Ramadorai told ET.

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Free phone calls from your browser

Skype rival Gizmo Project has introduced a new service that lets the public make free phone calls from web browsers.

Dubbed Gizmo Call, the service provides free calls to most fixed lines around the world and to “select” mobile phones. We couldn’t find a list of which destinations are accepted for free calls, but it seems a fair guess that they are the same as the “all calls free” list that applies to Gizmo Project users.

Major destinations include Canada, China, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and South Korea. Landline only nations include most European nations, Japan, several South American countries, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand
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