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Ready (Telugu Movie)

Rating : 8/10

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Plot : Preparing for her wedding, Pooja (Genelia D’Souza) returns home to visit her family in India, where she meets Chandu (Ram). The handsome college student immediately falls for her and refuses to let her betrothal stand in the way of his passion. Now all he has to do is convince Pooja and her family that he’s the right guy for her, despite a case of mistaken identity and a terrible misunderstanding that leads to an accidental kidnapping.

Really hilarious and non stop family based comedy. You will enjoy every moment.  Songs are also good and the best is cute lovely Genelia …. Love her … Genelia, I would love to date you .. lol ..

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7G Brindavan Colony (Telugu) – Goody One

Yesterday saw this movie ..

It seemed to be a true story and not at all filmy one.Its all about extent to which a TRUE LOVE Leads us

Though bad was the hero in character and personality but still he manages to win the heart of heroine just because he was innocent in LOVE tht too damn true sincere faithful love for the heroine
The Heroine teaches the hero, how to live for parents, how to earn, Hero loves heroine so much tht heroine automatically gets loved toward him.

Acting – Hero Damn Good , Heroine too Goody
Story – Real and Practical One
Them РL̦ve to extent of sacrifice
Message – Live Life for Love …Dont let it down even if Love no longer persists

Part1 | Part2 | Part3

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