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Watch Trivia

1. Who made the first watch for men?
2. How many parts are there in a simple mechanical watch?
3. Which was the most expensive watch ever sold?
4. What does the term ‘jewels’ mean when referring to watches?
5. What is Tantalum?
6. Who was the first Swiss watchmaker in space?

1. The 19th century saw its first men’s wristwatch by Patek Philippe. The wristwatch was considered to be something that only women wore till of course the convenience became evident to most.
2. There are an average of 150 parts in a simple mechanical watch
3. The most expensive watch ever sold , auctioned by Sotheby’s, New York in 1999, was a 1933 Gold Patek Phillippe which sold for $ 11 Million
4. The bearing, endstone or pallet used for reducing friction within the movement of a watch are made of synthetic material of precious or semi-precious stones. Usually a very inexpensive form of synthetic ruby, these are used for virtually frictionless pivots or hubs at certain critical places in the watch mechanism. These jewels do not add any monetary value to a watch. It is also important to understand that more jewels do not necessarily make a better watch.
5. A metal with a texture similar to titanium, but a color similar to gold. Used by Omega for the gold-like trim on certain titanium watches.
6. TAG Heuer became the first Swiss Watchmaker in Space thanks to a TAG Heuer Stopwatch, worn by John Glenn in 1962 when he piloted the Friendship 7 on the first manned US orbital mission.


1) HP came out with a new computing memory wat is it called?
Ans: Memorister

2) which is the world most transparent company interms of policies?
Ans: GE

3) 3rd was a visual of a totally devastated area with jus 4 tyres remaining
Ans: J.K. Tyres

4) which person left motorola to join cisco as a CTO?
Ans: Padamsree warrior

5) which FMCG markets top ramen in india?it stopped in april 2008
Ans: marico

6) walgreen pharmacy is credited with the invention of ___________ .
it was first created by Ivar Coulson. This beverag exists in India in many different flavors?
Ans: Milk Shakes

7) Hills is a brand owned by which company?
Ans: Colgate

8) Monsanto sold which product to coca cola?
Ans: Sacharine

9)meet me at the hyphen. refers to which famous landmark in newyork?
w____ a____

10) Norleo, Senseo are brands of which dutch company?
Ans: Phillips

11) Pic of Naresh Goyal

12) Which Japanese company is known as the “Time-maker” and name means exquizite, minute, Success in japanese?
Ans: Seiko

13) Which American Business woman said “First god, Second family, Third My Ashes?
Ans: Mary Kay Ashe

14) Which brand owns Higginbothams?

15) pic of TUX

16) which company was in the business of making japanese aircrafts in ww2 and now famous in automobile segment?
Ans: Mitsubishi

17) Godrej airconditioners are sold in special shops called?
Ans: Cool Zones

18) “local roots global reach” is the tagline of which brewery in india?
Ans: Pernod Ricard

19) Which Automobile major is a sponsor for the Cannes film festival?
Ans: Renault

20) Shapoorji pallonji owns which of the following brands? mango, FCUK, SAcille ron
Ans: Sacille ron

21) bond girl 007 is a perfume by loreal/avon/revlon?
Ans: Avon

22) Great escape is a event organised by which automobile major in india to promote its SUV’s?
Ans: Mahindra & Mahindra

23) Which game grossed half a billion dollars after its release in april 2008? Age of empires/ GTA4/ oly08?
Ans: GTA4

24) Ad of Archies

25) Ad of

Hyderabad Open Quiz


1.This famous food item is made not from besan, as elsewhere in India , but from ground moth pulse, the only crop that flourishes in this arid land. A secret ingredient is a good fistful of fine, clean, desert sand mixed into the dough. These, together with the region’s bone-dry air, are what give it that special crispness and long shelf life. What food item are we talking about?

2. The US benchmark for pricing this commodity is West Texas Intermediate while the British and European benchmark is the variety that we are all familiar with. Other varieties include Saharan Blend from Algeria, Girassol from Angola, Minas from Indonesia, Iran Heavy, Basra Light from Iraq, Kuwait Export, Es Sider from Libya, Bonny Light from Nigeria, Saudi Arabia’s Arab Light, Murban from the Emirates and BCF 17 from Venezuela. What commodity?

3. “Quota-1” means West A Zone, West B Zone, North A Zone, North B Zone, Central Zone, East Zone, South Zone. “Quota-2” means minimum 50% between 18 – 35 years of age. “Quota – 3” means minimum 25% women. This quota system is the basis for selecting people for what TV programme?

4. Guru Gorakhnath visited the palace of Narbhupal Shah, a ruler of a small region. The wandering ascetic offered a bowl of curd to Prithvinarayan, the son of Narbhupal, who threw the bowl to the ground – a portion of the curd spattering to his feet. From this occurrence, the Guru predicted that Prithivinarayan would have the world at his feet and would rule a large kingdom. However, this new kingdom would be ruled only till the 12th generation of the Shah dynasty. The first part of the prophecy did come true and Prithivinarayan established a kingdom. Coincidentally the last part othe prophecy also came true when the 12th generation of the dynasty became the last to rule this kingdom. Who was the last king belonging to the 12th generation ?

1. Bhujia
2. Crude Oil
3. Kya Aap Panchi Paas se tez hain?
4. King Gyanendra of Nepal.

TCS Kolkata crowned national champion at the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz

There was excitement in the air at the MMRDA ground in Mumbai on 20th April with ten of the best corporate teams from across the country vying for the most coveted title in India’s corporate calendar with amazing display of mental capacity and sharp reflexes.

Fortunes kept swinging through the rounds. The plot kept changing, but the end result was not far from expected. TCS Kolkata, represented by Sabyasachi Chandra and G Sreekanth, emerged as the national champion at the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz 2008, the most prestigious corporate challenge of the country. Quizmaster Derek O’Brien used his entire repertoire but the duo had answers for all.

Sabyasachi and Sreekanth walked away with quite a few goodies, which included two Mahindra Scorpio SUVs and luxury cruises for family aboard the Star Cruises ship for seven days in the Pacific.

TCS Kolkata, represented by Sabyasachi and Sreekanth, has now become the only team in the country to have won all the national quizzing championships in the corporate world, namely the TATA Crucible, National Management Quiz by All India Management Association and the Economic Times Brand Equity Quiz and thus, creating a niche for itself while raising the bar constantly beyond the reach for its competitors

Ad Buzz Quiz1

Ack:- Nirav Parekh 

1) After the first ad showing Mom and Dad talking about earning honestly, this one is another beautiful ad. This ad shows a boss and two office colleagues desparately checking all accounts late in the day at office. They are trying to trace some funds that have gone missing. Our hero gets a call from home, and answers it. The other colleague and boss take one look at the phone and stop their investigations. Which brand is advertised this way? (Name the model please, not just the brand).
A: I was looking for MOTO FLIP here, not Motorola.

2) This campaign takes the brand and the idea of beauty to new heights. One ad shows a lady talking about her recent re-union where she played ‘Who-blinks-first’ with a guy friend and lost for the first time in years. the second ad shows a wife talking about how her husband takes her to her favourite restaurant instead of a sports-bar. Both these ladies thank this “miraculous” cosmetic product that reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Name this brand.
A: Pond’s Age Miracle

3) This guy steals somebody else’s jeans and what follows reminds you of the Hindi film “Judwaa” or the original Jackie Chan flick “Twin Brothers”. The jeans does whatever its original owner does, indicating that this pair is his and not anybody else’s. Name this brand of jeans, urging you to “make them yours”. Levi’s Red
A: Levi’s Red Tab Jeans

This one is a great long question, and my tribute to endorsements by two most saleable filmstars today – Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. Below are some product categories. Please mention what brand of this category is endorsed / has been endorsed by AB and SRK.
For example:
– Bank

4) Television or appliances in general
SRK: Videocon

5) Car
A: AB: Maruti Suzuki Versa
SRK: Hyundai Santro

6) Suitings
A: AB: Reid and Taylor
SRK: Mayur Suitings

An update on this: SRK now endorses S Kumar’s brand ‘Belmonte’, and Mayur Suitings, which after SRK had shifted to Virender Sehwag, is now endorsed by Salman Khan (Points given to ‘Belmonte’ for SRK)

7) Soft Drinks
A: AB: Pepsi, Mirinda Lemon Flavour
SRK: Pepsi

8) Chyawanprash
A: AB: Dabur
SRK: Himani Sona Chandi Amritprash

9) Perfume / fragrance
A: AB: ‘AB’

Sports Quiz1

Ack:-  Ravi Khusalani

Q.1 In, which sport, are the Oscar Awards given.

Q.2 In Tour De France who is awarded the Polka Dot Jersey.

Q.3 Roland Rhodes designed which famous tennis trophy.

Q.4 The world’s biggest sporting trophy is the Kolanka Cup. In which sport is it awarded.

Q.5 Who won the Norman Brookes Challenge cup this year.

Q.6.Samaresh Jung is the only Indian to have won this sporting honor. Which one.

Q.7. The silver salver presented to the winner of the Ladies Singles title at Wimbledon is known as _______

Q.8 Henri Delanuey trophy is the symbol of supremacy in which sport.

Q.9 Who compete for the Calcutta Cup.

Q.10. In cricket who compete for the following trophies:
1. Wisden Trophy.
2. Gavaskar Border Trophy.
3. Trans Tasman Trophy
4. M.J.Gopalan Cup.