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Disconnect handsets that do not have an IMEI number

Come January 6 and as many as 25 million mobile phones could be disconnected by the telecom operators.

Concerned about the terrorist attacks in the recent past, the department of telecom (DoT) has asked service providers to disconnect handsets that do not have an international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number.

IMEI is a unique 15 digit code that identifies a mobile. It prevents the use of stolen handsets for making calls and allows lawful interception to prove the use of a particular device.

The IMEI number appears on the operator’s network whenever a call is made. DoT has asked the service providers to equip networks with Equipment Identity Register (EIR) to check whether calls are made from genuine handsets.

“In the interest of national security, all cellular mobile service providers in unified access service licences (UASL) are hereby directed to make provisions for EIR so that calls without IMEI or with IMEI consisting of all zeroes are not processed or rejected,” DoT said in a letter to operators on October 6.

“If switches do not have such a facility, the necessary hardware and software should be put in place within three months of the issue date of this letter and compliance reported,” it added.

Indian Cellular Association (ICA), the industry body for handset makers, believes that illegal IMEI handsets are being used as there is no validation of IMEI numbers in mobiles entering the country either through sea or air.

Moreover, there is no central mechanism to prohibit the use of stolen phones. The bulk of grey market phones, predominantly originating from China, do not have genuine IMEI numbers. ICA estimates around 25 million such handsets in the country.

However, some operators ET spoke to expressed their inability to meet the DoT deadline due to technical reasons. “What the DoT is trying to do is to block all calls with zeroes as IMEI numbers or from blacklisted numbers. That adds an extra load on networks. There are so many combinations of non-genuine IMEI numbers that it is extremely difficult to block them. Network upgradation is required to block all such calls and not all our multiple equipment vendors are equipped to do it,” a senior official told ET.

He further explained that interrogating all calls would delay call set-up time. “Switches will interrogate most of the time and may not be able to process any calls,” he added.

Another top official at a telecom firm said the move will affect customers who unknowingly bought mobiles without IMEI or whose numbers have been duplicated by others. “The duplicate devices currently being used will not last beyond two-three years. The way out is to check imports to stop entry of handsets without genuine IMEI into India,” he added.

iPhone 3G observations

Ack :- Jason D. O’Grady

Jason shares his experience on iPhone 3G observations …

iPhone 3G

After almost a week with the new iPhone 3G I have some additional thoughts that I wanted to share on my experiences:

  • As I previously mentioned, AT&T’s 3G coverage is completely non-existent in my area, despite AT&T’s coverage viewer claiming that I’m blanketed in 100 percent 3G. Something is very wrong. Luckily AT&T/Apple offer a 30-day return period where you can get out of the contract.
  • I tested 3G in neighboring towns (Avalon and Ocean City, NJ) and it’s indeed fast.
  • Most iPhone 2G cases, especially ones that are hard or form-fitting (like silicone skins) won’t fit properly on the iPhone 3G because it’s 1mm thicker in the middle and more tapered at the edges.
  • Syncing to MobileMe from a computer is set by the System Preference and the fastest interval is 15 minutes although you can select “Sync Now” at any time.
  • Idea: iPhone’s mail client should be able to access iDisk in order to send attachments from the iPhone.
  • Applications over 10MB can only be downloaded from a Wi-Fi connection – not over 3G or Edge. Apple needs to put the size of applications somewhere easily visible in the App Store.
  • In order to address developer line jumping in the App Store Apple should add sorting by release date (newest on top), and user ratings in addition to popularity (which they have now).
  • 3G data can be accessed while making a phone call, unlike Edge, which cannot.
  • Screenshots can be made on the iPhone 3G by pressing home and sleep at the same time. The screen flashes white and the shot is stored in the camera roll.
  • While in Safari mobile, the button for “.com” can be switched to .net, .edu, .org or .com by holding the key for two seconds – a boon for people that visit .org and other TLD’s.
  • Mobile phone/GSM reception is definitely better thanks to the iPhone 3G’s plastic rear panel. I can now get one or two bars of reception in areas of my home where I previously got none.
  • Some applications that are desparately needed:
  • An app that toggles 3G, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even the cellular radio to conserver battery. Bonus points if they add a schedule feature to, for example, turn off all the radios while you sleep then turn them back on when you wake.
  • A WordPress and Movable Type client for blogging.
  • A cheap gas finder.
  • A FileMaker client.
  • The dock is no longer bundled with the iPhone and costs US$30 when purchased separately.
  • The 3G dock now has a flush front allowing it to be used easier in dock.

HandSolo by Qualcomm: The Future is at Hand – April Fool’s Prank

Here’s some fresh news from Qualcomm at CTIA. It looks like they have figured out how to make a mobile phone none of us will forget to bring along:

Good Morning,

Qualcomm, a leader in developing digital wireless communications products and services, is announcing HandSoloâ„¢. It was developed as the first ultra-portable embedded device designed to streamline the way you use mobile technology. Qualcomm engineers leveraged the latest in weightless technology to produce the first ever phone that requires no battery, features unlimited expandable memory, and is completely waterproof.

iPhone? Blackberry? The illusive Google Phone? The HandSolo will revolutionize the traditional thought of what a phone can be and is poised as the next technological historic milestone in human history.

For more information and to see the HandSolo in action, please visit:

Reliance unveils handsets @ Rs 777

A Classic Bonanza – Reliance Communications unveils handsets @ Rs 777.

  • 1st time in India and 1st in the World. Reliance offers feature rich mobile handset at just Rs 777 (Less than $19)
  • Reliance emerges as the 2nd largest marketer of mobile handsets in India.

In a move that could potentially take the telecom industry by storm, Reliance Communications today announced Classic range of feature rich handsets at prices starting from just Rs 777. While Classic 202 is available at Rs 777, Classic 204 & Classic 203 are available at Rs 844 and Rs 888 respectively. There are no further payments or installments for owning these handsets.

Such handset prices are a first of its kind by any company not only in India but anywhere in the world. Speaking on the occasion of unveiling of the range, Mr S.P. Shukla – President, Personal Business- Reliance Communications said “Through our new Classic range of feature rich handsets, we are confident of extending the benefits of mobility to an entirely new segment of population in metros, small cities as well as rural hinterland of India. Now first time cellular subscribers in India can straightaway go for Reliance Classic handsets rather than buying a second hand phone“.

In a short span of time, Reliance Communications has emerged as the second largest marketing powerhouse for handsets. Reliance markets handsets through its 1500 strong exclusive Reliance Showrooms and over 3 lakh retailers serviced by nearly 2000 distributors. The total handset sales of Reliance now exceed that of the next 3 handset vendors in the country.

With over 3 million handsets already sold, Classic has emerged as the 2nd largest selling handset brand in the market. The Classic range of handsets includes Color-FM series, Color display and Black and White display handsets and are supported by an extensive nationwide after sales service network. All Classic handsets are now SIM enabled which allow easy changeover from one model to another while retaining the Reliance SIM card.

These introductory prices are valid for a limited period and till stocks last. Mobile subscribers are advised to rush to avail of these great prices.

Cisco ‘Data Center Day’ to be Held in Mumbai on May 9

Cisco Systems Inc. has announced its plan to host a multi-city event aimed at highlighting the relevance of network-based architecture for next-generation data centers. The event ‘Data Center Day’ will be held in Mumbai on May 9, 2007 at Hotel Hyatt Regency.

As part of this event, Cisco along with representatives from IBM and Emerson will highlight the importance of aligning the data center IT infrastructure to an organization’s business objectives.

Cisco said that according to Gartner, 70% or more of IT budgets are dedicated to maintaining existing data center infrastructure rather than funding strategic new projects. Gartner’s recommendation is that IT organizations must improve the operational efficiency and utilization of data center resources, while building a resilient infrastructure that protects applications and services against disruptions and security attacks.

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Nokia to set up design studio in B’lore

The world’s largest handset maker is ramping up its focus in India with the global launch of seven new products predominantly aimed at the market here. ET spoke to Nokia’s entry business unit design director Antti Kujala , and president, sales & portfolio management mobile phones (APAC), Alex Lambeek . Excerpts:

ET: Will any of the seven handsets that Nokia launched be manufactured in your plant in Chennai?

Alex Lambeek: All the handsets that we launched on Thursday will be manufactured at our plant in Chennai — in fact six of the seven handsets will be made in India. While I cannot reveal numbers, these handsets are volume driven products. Our Chennai plant has already manufactured over 25 million handsets since its began operations.

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VSNL faces $406-m claim from FLAG

The long-standing dispute between Tata-controlled Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) and FLAG Telecom, part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), over the FLAG Europe-Asia cable system has worsened, with FLAG moving the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) seeking “monetary relief” of $406 million, plus interest, from VSNL.

On 6 Feb, VSNL told BSE that it had received communication from FLAG seeking compensation. VSNL will study the claim and file its response with ICC “in due course.” Responding to the news, VSNL stock plunged 3.4% on Tuesday on the BSE to end at Rs 488.50, compared with Rs 505.70 on Monday.

The dispute between the two companies started a few……………….

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Man on a (Wi-Fi) mission

It’s the Year of Broadband in India and Frank Hanzlik, MD of the Wi-Fi Alliance, wants Wi-Fi to rise above the din created by WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and 3G and get its due place with the new 802.11n standard that quadruples the speed of this wireless technology.

“Wi-Fi abounds on unlicensed spectrum (unlike3G and 4G, called WiMax, that currently has no unlicensed spectrum), hence you find it in hotels, cars, airports and in your PCs and laptops,” asserts Hanzlik.

Second, “most Wi-Fi products are certified. This means they have passed rigorous interoperability testing (again unlike WiMax, unless the goods are WiMax-certified),” he says.

Globally, over 200 million Wi-Fi-enabled units were sold in 2006………………

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Cisco agrees to give more time to Apple in iPhone suit

Apple and Cisco agreed to extend the time Apple has to respond to Cisco’s lawsuit surrounding the iPhone, in order to discuss trademark rights and interoperability, the companies said.

Cisco, which makes routers and switches to link networks and power the Internet, sued Apple over alleged trademark infringement for calling its new cell phone-iPod device iPhone.

During a conference call with analysts earlier this……………

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Mobile technology moves to the 4G

The rollout of HSPA has just started, yet the next step toward 4th-generation mobile radio is already waiting in the wings.

The purpose of UMTS long-term evolution (LTE) is to ensure the future of UMTS by providing higher data rates and shorter access times. Rohde & Schwarz, a pioneer in developing new technologies, will again showcase solutions for ground-breaking developments and research projects on UMTS LTE at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona.

Moreover, a complete product portfolio for HSPA and for mobile and stationary WiMAX applications will be presented. As the European market leader in T&M and broadcasting technology for digital transmission methods, Rohde & Schwarz supports the introduction and smooth operation of mobile TV. In Barcelona, the new R&S ETL TV analyzer platform will complement the company’s wide product portfolio.

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