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Hyderabad Open Quiz


1.This famous food item is made not from besan, as elsewhere in India , but from ground moth pulse, the only crop that flourishes in this arid land. A secret ingredient is a good fistful of fine, clean, desert sand mixed into the dough. These, together with the region’s bone-dry air, are what give it that special crispness and long shelf life. What food item are we talking about?

2. The US benchmark for pricing this commodity is West Texas Intermediate while the British and European benchmark is the variety that we are all familiar with. Other varieties include Saharan Blend from Algeria, Girassol from Angola, Minas from Indonesia, Iran Heavy, Basra Light from Iraq, Kuwait Export, Es Sider from Libya, Bonny Light from Nigeria, Saudi Arabia’s Arab Light, Murban from the Emirates and BCF 17 from Venezuela. What commodity?

3. “Quota-1” means West A Zone, West B Zone, North A Zone, North B Zone, Central Zone, East Zone, South Zone. “Quota-2” means minimum 50% between 18 – 35 years of age. “Quota – 3” means minimum 25% women. This quota system is the basis for selecting people for what TV programme?

4. Guru Gorakhnath visited the palace of Narbhupal Shah, a ruler of a small region. The wandering ascetic offered a bowl of curd to Prithvinarayan, the son of Narbhupal, who threw the bowl to the ground – a portion of the curd spattering to his feet. From this occurrence, the Guru predicted that Prithivinarayan would have the world at his feet and would rule a large kingdom. However, this new kingdom would be ruled only till the 12th generation of the Shah dynasty. The first part of the prophecy did come true and Prithivinarayan established a kingdom. Coincidentally the last part othe prophecy also came true when the 12th generation of the dynasty became the last to rule this kingdom. Who was the last king belonging to the 12th generation ?

1. Bhujia
2. Crude Oil
3. Kya Aap Panchi Paas se tez hain?
4. King Gyanendra of Nepal.

Satyam to axe 4,500 employees

Satyam Computers, which has just started giving pink slips to its employees, could potentially downsize its workforce by a whopping 4,500 employees.

This translates to a little less than 9 per cent of the 51,000 employees that the company employs. Company sources say 1,500 employees have been put under the performance improvement plan (PIP), euphemism for employees put on watch list and asked to shape up or ship out.

Apart from this, 3,000 others have not been given any increment in the last appraisal cycle, thereby indicating that their services are dispensable.

“This 1,500 plus 3,000 equals 4,500, which indicates the total number of persons who could be eased out of the company,” the source said.

On Friday, all employees received an email from the company chief Ramalinga Raju warning them, especially the ones on the bench, to not bunk office and be in their best dress code, failing which they may face strict disciplinary action.

Last week, some 400 employees from across different locations were given the pink slip. Sources also indicated that after getting the message many among the 3,000 have also started leaving jobs. But an estimate of the employees who have left is not known.

A Satyam spokesperson said: “The bottom 5 per cent of those who have got a bad appraisal are put under PIP and given dummy projects to prove themselves. If they fail they will be shown the door. But some of them marked for PIP said they have been given very little time to come up as winners.”

However, even as it downsizes, Satyam continues to hire new employees in thousands. Over 40 per cent of them are fresh blood just passing out of college.

The spectre of retrenchment is creating panic among employees of the company. “Of the 12 people working in my project, five were suddenly asked to resign, failing which, the company warned, it would fire us. Everything came without warning,” said a techie pleading anonymity.

Source of above pleading anonymity @ Indiatimes Infotech

Lehman bankruptcy will hit IIM placements

With America’s fourth largest investment bank Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy protection and Merrill Lynch being bought over by the Bank of America, placements at the Indian Institutes of Management will be affected.

These financial giants have so far been the biggest recruiters from the IIMs especially from the institutes at Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta.These have been among the day zero firms on IIM campuses and have made plum job offers.

“We are sitting on pre-placement offers from these companies, which go invalid after this development. So, the students will have to go through the regular placement process and look at other companies,” said professor Sourav Mukherjee, chairperson, placements, IIM-Bangalore.

The institute will write to these banks in the next few weeks to seek clarification on the issue. Last year, IIM Bangalore had received around 20 job offers from the banks.

IIM Calcutta has recorded 54 offers so far from these banking banks. Last year, IIM-C received 90 pre-placement offers. Students have been offered international profiles with BCG, Mckinsey, Bain and AT Kearney in the consulting sector and Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Barclays, HSBC, Credit Suisse and Citibank in the investment banking sector. The institutes however, are not very enthusiastic of the banking and financial sector doing well on the campus this year.

“Banking giants like Lehman and Merrill have been the leading paymasters on our campus, offering crore-plus salaries. The confidence of students in the banking sector is collapsing with the bad news from the market,” said an IIM professor.

The IIMs have decided to host new companies on campus. Many institutes have decided to invite smaller private equity players and wealth management firms. Unlike most years, the banking and financial services sector is not expected to be the best performer on campus this year.

Read Complete Story @ Rediff India Abroad

Hewlett-Packard to cut 24,600 jobs

Hewlett Packard, which acquired Electronic Data Systems for nearly $14 billion this summer, plans to trim its company-wide workforce by nearly 8 percent as part of that acquisition.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based HP will announce restructuring plans for the EDS division to “streamline costs, invest in growth and drive shareholder value,” it said in a statement.

The company said 7.5 percent of the combined workforce, or 24,600 jobs, will be cut as part of the restructuring. Half of those cuts will be in the United States.

EDS, whose government solutions division is in Herndon, has about 2,200 Washington area employees.

Read Complete Story @ Washington Business Journal

India Inc feels the tremor as Lehman goes bust

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (LBHI) bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch’s acquisition by Bank of America will have a huge impact on India as both companies have a strong Indian connection.

Lehman Brothers currently employs about 2,500 people in India and most of them are likely to lose their jobs. Merrill Lynch also employs 600 people in India and their fate is not known.

The global investment bank’s move to file bankruptcy has already lead to a loss of nearly Rs 2,000 crore for Indian companies in which Lehman had made equity investments.

The loss would have been higher if Lehman had not started offloading its equity holdings in Indian firms last month.

Following the subprime crisis in the United States of America, Foreign Institutional Investors have already pulled out over $8 billion from Indian markets..

Read Complete Story @

55 word stories

Author : Veerabhadra Siva Sanjeev K.

The suicide
I woke up from my bed only to find her hanging to the ceiling. ‘My wife was killed by some one’ I couldn’t even digest the fact. The police were at the place in a few minutes. Just below her body was mine with a knife stabbed in my heart and her fingerprints on it.

The headache
I was having a splitting headache. I gulped a tablet. I applied a balm. No avail. And finally I removed a hammer and started banging it onto the head. First time and the pain reduced. Second time and it reduced even further. And third time. All my three roommates lie in a pool of blood.

Wrong number
“Hello,” a sweet voice called me up on my mobile. “Is this Rakesh?” she asked. “No ma’am, wrong number, but you can still talk to me,” I said as I was bored at my workplace. “Come home in the evening and the pan will do the talking,” the voice said and she cut the call.

Why should boys have all the fun
“Shhh.. Don’t shout. We’ll start to Goa tomorrow. Nobody’s gonna tell the guys,” the girls were contemplating in the next room. Having overheard the conversation, I said “Destination Goa.” We were off to Goa. Two days later, we don’t find the girls in Goa.
“Guys, where have you all been? We are enjoying at home”

My monkey wife
“I woke up today morning when I looked at the window. I then saw this monkey so huge and fair and dressed up well, imitate me.” I was trying to make fun of my wife, who normally imitates me, by calling her a monkey.
“You call this window?” my wife asked pointing to a mirror.

The Split
I slowly placed my head on the wooden platform and she slowly raised the axe. I closed my eyes in fear and she gripped the handle firmly in her hands. I said my last prayers and ‘thud’ fell the axe onto the wood splitting it apart. She was in Tokyo and I was in California.

My first love
The first time I saw her, she was shaking her body in the aerobics class. I almost drooled over her beauty. She looked at me and smiled. The world beneath me vanished and the sky appeared to be coming closer towards me. I opened my arms wide open and said, “Illeana darling, I love you”

The portrait trilogy
At the museum, we reached a dark place. Three portraits were hanging. In the first, a bloody ghoul was feeding on a woman. In the second, a demon ripped apart itself and in the third there was a female, still and calm. “Damn, She moved” I shouted. “Stupid fool, that’s a mirror,” my wife remarked.

The hitchhiker
A beautiful girl on the highway was flashing two fingers. I crossed her and looked at her, through the rear view mirror. She was gone. Next moment she was behind me in my car. I swerved left and hit a tree. Later, a truck driver came that way and saw the girl showing three fingers.

The race
I was driving home when a car vroomed past me. I started to race with that Civic. Swerving to the left and cutting across the lane, I was about to overtake it when I showed my finger and then vanished from sight. Later that night, my dad asked me the meaning of showing the finger.

US Dept Responses to 45 Questions concerning 123 Agreement

Ack :- Sunil Nandipati

Following is the letter by US Dept of State as a response to 45 Questions concerning 123 Agreement

U.S. and India Release Text of 123 Agreement

Ack :- Sunil Nandipati

The following link lists the text of the Agreement for Cooperation between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of India concerning peaceful uses of nuclear energy i.e., 123 Agreement

Access Complete 123 Agreement Text @

For Beauty on rail, Blue is in – Rail Sundaris

Source :

Exclusive picture(from TOI) of the first batch deployed in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Rail Hostesses

From November, rail sundaris to welcome passengers and serve snacks on Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express

The ‘rail-hostesses’ who will be deployed on select trains will be dressed in smart blue trousers, white shirts and waistcoats.

Railway officials said the uniform was chosen keeping in mind the difficulties of working on a running train. “They cannot wear saris or skirts like air-hostesses because of the train’s movement but the alternative had to be attractive.

“This uniform was finalised keeping in mind decent appearance and comfort of the hostesses,” a senior official said. The first batch of rail-hostesses have been deployed on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR). However, Mumbaikars will get a firsthand experience only in November when they will begin attending to passengers in A/C two-tier coaches on the Rajdhani Express trains running between Mumbai and Delhi.

Their job will be similar to that of air-hostesses. They will welcome passengers, serve snacks and meals. For overnight journeys, they will provide blankets and address passengers’ grievances.
Sanjay Goswami, manager, KBS Tours and Travels, which provided the first batch of rail-hostesses, says, “The aim is to match up to the air travel experience by improving the quality of on-board services. So far, the rail-hostesses have received a good response and lived up to the expectations of passengers.”

The company is deploying rail-hostesses in phases.
They will be introduced on the Kanchan Kanya Express and North Bengal Express on September 26 and on the Delhi-Sealdah Samparkranti Express and Delhi-Guwahati Samparkranti Express in October.

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