The Workbench has exposed an API to allow users to automatically log in to the Workbench by providing their Server URL and Session Id in the URL arguments. This can be to integrate the Workbench into a Web Tab directly in Salesforce for single sign-on into the Workbench.

To integrate the Workbench into your org, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. Setup | Create | Tabs | Web Tabs | New
  3. Choose Tab Layout (Full page width is recommended)

Define Content and Display Properties

  1. Tab Type: URL
  2. Tab Label: Workbench
  3. Tab Tab Style: Choose a style
  4. Content Frame Height (pixels): Choose the maximum amount available for your screen (you may have to edit this value to find the correct value for your screen)

Button or Link URL

  1. Button or Link URL (replace "<your_server>" with the web server the Workbench in installed): https://<your_server>/workbench/login.php?serverUrl={!API_Partner_Server_URL_150}&sid={!API_Session_ID}
  2. Encoding: Unicode UTF-8