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Antoine Gombaud – Partly responsible for Probability theory

In 1654, Antoine Gombaud, Chevalier de Méré won quite a bit of money by betting that he could get at least one six in four rolls of a die. He reasoned the likelihood of a six was 1/6 on each throw. In four throws then, he believed his chances would be four times as good, for a probability of 4/6 or 2/3. This told de Mere that he would win two wagers for every one he would lose and virtually assure him of heavy profitrs. This was true for a time until he began to lose and eventually sent himself into bankrupty.

Due this his gambling problems, he is partly responsible for the development of probability theory. He sent letters to Blaise Pascal seeking reasons why his theory was not working. Pascal replied explaining his reasoning was incorrect and started to lead the presently-known development of probability.

Einsteins Quotes

Extracted From Einstein Year

  • Astatine is an element so rare that if you searched the entire planet you’d only find a lump the size of a sugar cube.
  • When a flea jumps, the rate of acceleration is 20 times that of the space shuttle during launch.
  • The maximum speed that raindrops can fall at is around 18mph, depending on their size.
  • If every star in the Milky Way was a grain of salt they would fill an Olympic sized swimming pool.
  • 12 Astronauts have walked on the moon, between them bringing back 382 kilograms of rocks, pebbles, sand and dust.
  • Mumbai boy chips in to power Intel

    In the next five to 10 years, when your desktop PC, your laptop or your mobile devices will turn into supercomputing workstations, you will have Mumbai-born tech whiz Nitin Borkar and his Intel teams at Oregon, USA and Bangalore to thank. On Tuesday, Borkar, engineering manager at Intel’s Microprocessor Technology Labs, unveiled the world’s fastest, most energy-efficient microprocessor — an 80-core chip the size of fingernail that can perform trillions of operations per second.

    “Our research team has kept Moore’s Law alive,” Borkar said during an exclusive interview with DNA. Moore’s Law, postulated by Intel’s co-founder Gordon Moore,
    essentially says that microprocessors will double in capacity and halve in price every 18 months. Ever since the “law” was put forward, technologists across the world have feared one thing: what if the space runs out on a microprocessor? Leaps in computing technology by Intel and rival AMD such as the dual core and quad core processors were considered significant, but neither comes close to the Teraflop Research Processor

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    Wanna check your right salary?

    IT professionals across all levels can now check whether their employers are paying them adequately or not. IIM-A, IISc along with nation-wide ITPF (IT Professionals Forum) have launched, which provides latest compensation status of different positions across the IT and BPO sector.

    From software engineer and sales executive to project manager and vice president, the site caters to all.

    According to, the total remuneration for a vice president in the IT industry is Rs 22,95,163 approximately. The total variable pay of a V-P in the industry is approximately Rs 19,70,658.

    In contrast, a software engineer in the industry gets about Rs 4,61,774 as total pay and Rs 4,32,334 as total variable pay.

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    Intel develops 80-core supercomputer processor on fingernail

    Chip maker Intel researchers have developed the world’s first programmable processor that delivers supercomputer-like performance from a single, 80-core chip not much larger than the size of a finger nail.

    The new chip is the result of research aimed at delivering Teraflops performance for future PCs and servers. Technical details of the Teraflops research chip will be presented at the annual Integrated Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) this week in San Francisco.

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