Motorola has launched a new low-cost handset, the MOTOFONE for the Indian market, in both GSM and CDMA formats. E Ink is providing the display technology behind MOTOFONE‘s ClearVision. The changeable electronic ink display is easy to read in bright sunlight or dimly lit environments from virtually any angle – just like paper. Additionally, the display is plastic, lightweight and ultra-low power, making it ideal for mobile and power sensitive applications by eliminating the weight and breakability of glass used in LCD displays.

“In the weeks and months to come, consumers from around the world will enjoy the benefit of the technological innovations packed into MOTOFONE,” said Ron Garriques, President, Mobile Devices, Motorola Inc. “Today’s global launch marks a major milestone as Motorola continues its drive to connect the next billion mobile phone users.”

“E Ink is unleashing the design freedom of Motorola……………….

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