`Scale up, scale out and kick out the complexity’ — This was the pitch of the market leader in corporate Open Source distributions, Red Hat, as it unveiled the latest Enterprise Linux version 5 at simultaneous launch events here and half a dozen other centres worldwide on Thursday.

To achieve this, the company for the first time has harnessed a number of virtualisation features which will allow system managers to run heterogeneous operating systems — even `mix-n-match’ older 32-bit applications with current 64-bit tools in the same server and storage space.

You will see a dramatic reduction in the cost of acquisition and operation,” promised Mr Scott Crenshaw, Red Hat’s US-based Vice-President for Enterprise Linux Platform Business. “The savings could range from tens of thousands of dollars to $100,000 per server.”

New features in the fifth iteration of Red Hat’s Linux flavour centre around beefed-up data centre and database offerings, as well as enhanced tools for high performance computing — the burgeoning application in number-crunching mammoths for drug discovery, energy exploration and other scientific quests

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