One of my College frnd cum Junior Pratik Modi says
Since Light Travels faster than Sound, People appear brighter before you hear them speak

I replied with
As Sounds needs medium to travel and Light necessarily doesn’t needs that ..Similarly Sounds needs permission of the person u want to spk ..where as Light(to view them) doesn’t need any ,,,so they look brighter

Scientific Explanation of Why Light Travels faster than Sound is as follows
The speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second. The speed of sound is about 1100 feet per second. (The qualifiers are because there can be variations.) Why are they different? Why is one person a blonde and another a redhead? or one tall and another short? I think you most likely want to know something more about the media of transmission, perhaps…. The fact that light does not need a medium means that it can travel full tilt (and its fastest) in a vacuum. It actually can be slowed somewhat (although very slightly) through glass, etc…

Sound, on the other hand, cannot travel without a medium, since it depends on a physical vibration. It literally causes each molecule to vibrate as it passes, and that’s what you actually “hear” when those vibrations reach your ear. “Soundproofing” is actually the interruption of that path of vibrations, usually a spongy or “foamy” structure, so that the vibrations are repeatedly stopped on their path until they lose the energy that keeps them going (and THAT is an over-simplified explanation, but you get the idea.)