Ack :-

Few days ago Startup Dunia talked about a new website coming out of the Reliance hive. The website is called Chintee (means Ant).

The DNS servers are still pointing to and the site used to redirect to BigAdda, which was just launched last week (Reliance social netowkring site).If you look at the registrant information, it is on Nikhil Soman’s name. Organization field is empty. I got this information from query.

The site now provides options to vote for your best logo for the page. This is similar to what they did for are speculations about the site whether its a search engine or something else. Well as the name refers Chintee (an Ant) crawls to places, may be this is a web site crawler.

But the time will tell whats the website about. Till then you can just go to site and vote for your best logo. I voted for Option 2. Thats the picture which comes to my mind when I think of a chintee.

Check it out.