Ahmedabad: In Ahmedabad, blood donation has become a mission of sorts with some families. In fact, there are at least seven families who have collectively donated more than 200 units of blood each.

The family of Narhari Mavlankar (91) has donated a whopping 296 bottles of blood so far. “It is our duty to give something back to society,” Narhari’s son Siddhartha Mavlankar, a businessman who plans to donate blood for the 125th time shortly, told TOI.

Siddhartha’s wife Angarekha and his two daughters also have contributed to the family’s blood donation marathon. Meanwhile, the families of two brothers-Ashok and Ramesh Patel—both businessmen and both closely associated with the Satya Sai Seva Sangathan have donated 754 units.

Brothers Sudhir and Yogendra Shah, both businessmen again, have also donated 229 units. The other families include Vasudev Thakkar whose family has donated 219 units, businessman Suresh Patel and family has donated 204 units while secretary of the Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme Mahesh Trivedi and his family has donated 207 units.

Even as the country celebrates Voluntary Blood Donation Day on October 1, every minute one Gujarati could be donating blood. Every four minutes there could be an Amdavadi donating blood, going by the records of the Red Cross.

President of Ahmedabad Red Cross Blood Programme Mukesh Patel said, “Gujaratis donate blood to celebrate birthdays, death anniversaries and even weddings. In fact, a lot of people organise blood donation camps during the besna of their loved ones”.