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New Delhi: For those of you who think blogging is just a pass time, here’s a myth breaker: for some, it’s a job that could earn you as much as Rs 1 lakh a month.

Welcome to the world of Amit Agarwal, one of the few professional bloggers in India. Agarwal started blogging two years after quitting his job at a software company. He now earns several lakhs a month. So how he does make his millions?

“I get sponsors who like to put advertisements on my website,” he says. started as a technology blog where you’ll now find everything from ways to translate Hindi webpages to English, keys to read full copies of popular magazines, tips and tricks to use Wikipedia more effectively.

The site packs in more than 5,000 articles and is loaded with the kind of stuff that does not make to the newspapers but just the kind of stuff that more than two million people want to read every month.

If you want to click as a professional blogger, start posting five to seven times a day. Entries should be original and content consistent. But most of all, you need to be patient. Agarwal says his blog only started making money after about a year.

While cyberspace itself is the best teacher, you can learn to design, create and operate online content.

At Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media in Bangalore that offers a graduate and post-graduate diploma in new media and Asian College of Journalism in Chennai holds a post graduate diploma in new media.