Teenager murders 10-yr-old over an iPod

Source :- IbnLive.com

New Delhi: In Siri, West Bengal, a 14-year-old boy has been arrested on charges of murdering a 10-year-old girl – all for an iPod.

The victim, Seouli Dolui, a Class 5 student, was found dead near the Tilpara barrage after her parents filed a missing person’s report. She reportedly died after sustaining head injuries.

The accused, a Class 8 student, who was known to her family, took Seouli for a bicycle ride on Sunday afternoon. He allegedly pushed her over the barrage following an altercation over the electronic gadget which belonged to her and which she refused to part with.

The accused has, reportedly, confessed to the crime before the police. However, the police are not saying anything solid as of now.

Birbhum Superintendent of Police, Lakshmi Kant Meena says, “We have learnt about the incident and the investigations are on. We can’t say anything till the investigation is over.”, the victim’s father, Swapan Dolhi, has squarely placed the blamed on the boy and has demanded that swift action be taken to ensure justice.