1) HP came out with a new computing memory wat is it called?
Ans: Memorister

2) which is the world most transparent company interms of policies?
Ans: GE

3) 3rd was a visual of a totally devastated area with jus 4 tyres remaining
Ans: J.K. Tyres

4) which person left motorola to join cisco as a CTO?
Ans: Padamsree warrior

5) which FMCG markets top ramen in india?it stopped in april 2008
Ans: marico

6) walgreen pharmacy is credited with the invention of ___________ .
it was first created by Ivar Coulson. This beverag exists in India in many different flavors?
Ans: Milk Shakes

7) Hills is a brand owned by which company?
Ans: Colgate

8) Monsanto sold which product to coca cola?
Ans: Sacharine

9)meet me at the hyphen. refers to which famous landmark in newyork?
w____ a____

10) Norleo, Senseo are brands of which dutch company?
Ans: Phillips

11) Pic of Naresh Goyal

12) Which Japanese company is known as the “Time-maker” and name means exquizite, minute, Success in japanese?
Ans: Seiko

13) Which American Business woman said “First god, Second family, Third My Ashes?
Ans: Mary Kay Ashe

14) Which brand owns Higginbothams?

15) pic of TUX

16) which company was in the business of making japanese aircrafts in ww2 and now famous in automobile segment?
Ans: Mitsubishi

17) Godrej airconditioners are sold in special shops called?
Ans: Cool Zones

18) “local roots global reach” is the tagline of which brewery in india?
Ans: Pernod Ricard

19) Which Automobile major is a sponsor for the Cannes film festival?
Ans: Renault

20) Shapoorji pallonji owns which of the following brands? mango, FCUK, SAcille ron
Ans: Sacille ron

21) bond girl 007 is a perfume by loreal/avon/revlon?
Ans: Avon

22) Great escape is a event organised by which automobile major in india to promote its SUV’s?
Ans: Mahindra & Mahindra

23) Which game grossed half a billion dollars after its release in april 2008? Age of empires/ GTA4/ oly08?
Ans: GTA4

24) Ad of Archies

25) Ad of Monster.com