Type “How to Make a Bomb” on Google and you will get a long list of sites that give ingredients, measurements, directions – everything you need – to kill.

IBNLive.com directs us on above thing as follows …

Want to make a bomb

The question is: Even after Delhi’s serial blasts, why is such information freely available? Internet Service Providers, through whose servers all Internet traffic in India flows – say they need directive to shut down.

Internet Security expert, Rajesh Chharia says, “We can shut down these sites in five minutes. But we need a Government order.”

Pasting a site’s address on a service provider’s server is all it takes to block it in India. But terrorists get around that by pasting the same information on a new site or by using proxy servers. Countries abroad have found a lasting solution to the problem.

Cyber Security expert, Rajat Khare says, “The Middle East uses content filtering software at its international gateways. All traffic is electronically checked. If it has any objectionable keywords like porn or bomb, it’s automatically blocked. Problem is, it’s an electronic invasion of your privacy. And it requires lots of money to implement.”

Nuclear weapons’ manuals were once easily available on the Net. However, the US took them down after the 9/11 attacks.

Last year, the European Union outlawed all bomb making websites as part of the war against terror.

Surprisingly, India hasn’t made any such move inspite of being hounded by terrorism for more than two decades.

We India are the IT hub of the world but still when it comes to usage of IT for domestic purpose we lack way beyond, why so ?