For the moment, cricket does not figure in the International Olympic Committee’s scheme of things, said IOC President Jacques Rogge here.

On the possible inclusion of cricket in future Olympics, he said, “Cricket is a very famous sport in India. We are going to include two more sports to the Olympic programme next year at our Congress in Denmark in October.

“In London we have 26 sports; in 2016 we will have 28… But cricket’s inclusion will not be possible in 2016 because it is not in the list of African sport.”

The IOC has shortlisted soft ball, baseball, karate, squash, rugby, roller skating and golf from which two will be selected.

Regarding cricket’s inclusion, Rogge added, “It all depends on the ICC. If they want to include it in the Commonwealth Games or Olympics they first have to be an IOC member. As of now they are not a member… We have received no application from the ICC.”