The world states India to be Economic Capital of World in near future!

India’s economy to be completely stable or maintain a complete stance in 2009 where as US and European economies going to see economic downturn in the coming quarters Swiss banking major UBS said.

The Japanese economy is expected to stagnate at best in the coming year. Large countries such as China, India or Indonesia should fare better, as they have a smaller export ratio than the smaller Asian economies,” UBS economists stated.

In Just feet of 61th years of independence, I as India had started gaining confidence of world in terms of economics. Then what’s wrong with following

Why we keep fighting on communal or regional lines?
Why don’t we strive to serve nation?
Why we keep patriotism just a line for 2 days in a year?
Why we want Maharashtra or Bihar to be a different country alike?

Friends request you to please comment and discuss on this serious talk of the nation. I Chirag Mehta welcome you all to this tribute line we need to feel in our heart.