DataSea is software that tells you about things.

  • Ask it about X and it tells you about X, instead of finding hits with ‘X’ in them.
  • Ask it about X from the point of view of Y, and it will tell you about X and Y, and also things which form connections and relationships from X to Y.
  • DataSea is a data architecture and an application that gives single-step access and control. It reduces the need for navigation and clicking. It answers complex questions and makes mini-reports in one step, which can not be done with search engines. It lets you do things like make calls and send email, also in one step.

    DataSea gives answers based on your input by using human-like reasoning to find the relevant connections among data. It supports natural language and can access a wide range of data sources, including relational databases, as well as unstructured sources, such as ad-hoc notes.

    Read more on human-reasoning to find Data Releationships at