Following are few appreciation notes from client, manager and team member ….

Ajay Kumar – Chirag chipped in early to find more details about this and got a fix in couple of long working days!! I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Chirag’s terrific contribution and dedication on this. Bravo Chirag!! 🙂 U ROCK!!

Sue Gausch – I have already sung Chirag’s praises on this one, and will definitely continue to do so

Ajay Kumar – Chirag has been terrific in deliveries through past 6 months with wonderful client feedback. He has been instrumental in making a brand name for TATA’s.

Sunil Chauhan – Last few months have been nothing but great as far as your work is concerned. I have heard many good things about you in Dreamforce and now in Staples. I would love to imbibe your attitude and work ethic in the newbies who join our group. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your hardwork.