Google’s much anticipated Nexus One was finally unveiled at a press conference in Mountain View, California on January 5. It had already been distributed to Google employees in December, before its launch.

Made by HTC, Google has co-branded the phone. Google is retailing this phone in a way that it knows best, on the web. Available through, the phone is available for $529 as an unlocked version and $179 with two year contract with T-mobile (with a $79.99 monthly data plan) in the United States. It is also available for delivery in UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. So, yes, you cannot buy it in India yet, nor get it shipped here.

The looks of the phone are pretty similar to the iPhone but have a few more buttons that then Apple device. The bottom of the screen houses four touch sensitive buttons for Back, Home, Menu and Search unlike the iPhone that has just the one button to go back to the home screen. Below the buttons is a tri-color illuminated trackball. The color of the trackball changes depending on the kind of notification being received on the phone.

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