Here are 10 reasons on why ThinkDigit thinks the iPad sucks ..

No multitasking. Remember, it’s meant to be better than a netbook.
No Flash support. “The best web experience”; indeed
Screen is not widescreen. Well, innovation sometimes take us a few steps backwards
No HD output. Who watched HD these days anyway?
No camera. So much for video chat…
No USB port. Don’t want to be too much like a netbook now do we?
No SD card slot. Cause 64GB ought to be enough for anybody…
Essential peripherals sold extra: keyboard, USB, SD card dongles, each sold for $30!
Another iPhone-like operating system. Read closed system. This seems to be Apple’s game plan
You need to pay $10 per app for the iWork productinvity applications suite. It’s like Apple didn’t want you, or expect you to be productive on it by default