Ack:- Nirav Parekh 

1) After the first ad showing Mom and Dad talking about earning honestly, this one is another beautiful ad. This ad shows a boss and two office colleagues desparately checking all accounts late in the day at office. They are trying to trace some funds that have gone missing. Our hero gets a call from home, and answers it. The other colleague and boss take one look at the phone and stop their investigations. Which brand is advertised this way? (Name the model please, not just the brand).
A: I was looking for MOTO FLIP here, not Motorola.

2) This campaign takes the brand and the idea of beauty to new heights. One ad shows a lady talking about her recent re-union where she played ‘Who-blinks-first’ with a guy friend and lost for the first time in years. the second ad shows a wife talking about how her husband takes her to her favourite restaurant instead of a sports-bar. Both these ladies thank this “miraculous” cosmetic product that reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Name this brand.
A: Pond’s Age Miracle

3) This guy steals somebody else’s jeans and what follows reminds you of the Hindi film “Judwaa” or the original Jackie Chan flick “Twin Brothers”. The jeans does whatever its original owner does, indicating that this pair is his and not anybody else’s. Name this brand of jeans, urging you to “make them yours”. Levi’s Red
A: Levi’s Red Tab Jeans

This one is a great long question, and my tribute to endorsements by two most saleable filmstars today – Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. Below are some product categories. Please mention what brand of this category is endorsed / has been endorsed by AB and SRK.
For example:
– Bank

4) Television or appliances in general
SRK: Videocon

5) Car
A: AB: Maruti Suzuki Versa
SRK: Hyundai Santro

6) Suitings
A: AB: Reid and Taylor
SRK: Mayur Suitings

An update on this: SRK now endorses S Kumar’s brand ‘Belmonte’, and Mayur Suitings, which after SRK had shifted to Virender Sehwag, is now endorsed by Salman Khan (Points given to ‘Belmonte’ for SRK)

7) Soft Drinks
A: AB: Pepsi, Mirinda Lemon Flavour
SRK: Pepsi

8) Chyawanprash
A: AB: Dabur
SRK: Himani Sona Chandi Amritprash

9) Perfume / fragrance
A: AB: ‘AB’