Ack:-  Ravi Khusalani

Q.1 In, which sport, are the Oscar Awards given.

Q.2 In Tour De France who is awarded the Polka Dot Jersey.

Q.3 Roland Rhodes designed which famous tennis trophy.

Q.4 The world’s biggest sporting trophy is the Kolanka Cup. In which sport is it awarded.

Q.5 Who won the Norman Brookes Challenge cup this year.

Q.6.Samaresh Jung is the only Indian to have won this sporting honor. Which one.

Q.7. The silver salver presented to the winner of the Ladies Singles title at Wimbledon is known as _______

Q.8 Henri Delanuey trophy is the symbol of supremacy in which sport.

Q.9 Who compete for the Calcutta Cup.

Q.10. In cricket who compete for the following trophies:
1. Wisden Trophy.
2. Gavaskar Border Trophy.
3. Trans Tasman Trophy
4. M.J.Gopalan Cup.