I got Bom Sabado Orkut Scraps in my gmail account from almost 3 friends in my network.

I wasn’t able to find any official information regarding this. But there is a serious scrap that is spreading verry fast to all orkut users.

Before opening orkut, I searched about this on google and found couple of warning messages

When I opened orkut and tried to visit those friends profile, I suddenly noticed in my updates that I have joined few Porno related community and have sent that scrap too all my friends in my network. I tried to visit that community and unjoined from that, but orkut was so slooow. After that I saw I again joined that community. This is too bad and a scam for sure. So my request is that please do not open your Orkut account any sooner or you will be a victim.

All those communities were in Portuguese language, so it may be originated from there or Brazil, where Orkut is most popular.Change your password soon.

In the mean time, remember these :

1. DONOT visit any profile on Orkut till this script is blocked ( More preciously DONOT use Orkut till this is blocked, as you can get affected by Flash scraps posted on your SB too! )

2. Clear your cookies and cache right away and change your password and security question :

3. Let your friends know about this script and make them aware of the situation. ( It’s just an effort to minimize the damage ).