A new virus is using the topics of the death of U.S. President Bush and nuclear war as bait.

The Register reported Wednesday that rogue VX programmers had created the Dref-N e-mail aware worm and that it was suing false reports of nuclear war, and of the deaths of President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin as bait to attract its victims, according to computer specialists in Boston.

The Dref-N worm’s e-mail subject lines include items such as “White House news!” “Incredible news” and “ATTN TO EVERYBODY!”

If the unfortunate e-mail recipient then clicks on the attachment, the file disables the personal computer’s Windows firewall, infecting a Microsoft Windows operating system with code that allows hackers to steal information.

The virus then directs infected personal computers to churn out copies of the worm, which are sent to contacts harvested from other infected personal computers.

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