In the next five to 10 years, when your desktop PC, your laptop or your mobile devices will turn into supercomputing workstations, you will have Mumbai-born tech whiz Nitin Borkar and his Intel teams at Oregon, USA and Bangalore to thank. On Tuesday, Borkar, engineering manager at Intel’s Microprocessor Technology Labs, unveiled the world’s fastest, most energy-efficient microprocessor — an 80-core chip the size of fingernail that can perform trillions of operations per second.

“Our research team has kept Moore’s Law alive,” Borkar said during an exclusive interview with DNA. Moore’s Law, postulated by Intel’s co-founder Gordon Moore,
essentially says that microprocessors will double in capacity and halve in price every 18 months. Ever since the “law” was put forward, technologists across the world have feared one thing: what if the space runs out on a microprocessor? Leaps in computing technology by Intel and rival AMD such as the dual core and quad core processors were considered significant, but neither comes close to the Teraflop Research Processor

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