Ack :- Abhirup Ghosh

The news editor looks worried.
The owner sits nearby with his face buried.
The rating is dipping,
The barometer is tripping.

The channel is going down,
With competition all around.
Frustration keeps mounting,
People are sweating.

“What to do? Where to go?”
“We’ve tried all tricks; what more is there to show?”
Breaking news and sensations do not count any more.
Even the fabulous anchors have become an eyesore.

Crime investigations have become clichéd.
News is not shown. It is created.
Sting operations are becoming a big risk,
Big Brother is watching with an invisible fist.

They need an idea.
The nine o’clock news is their only hope.
But that looks worse
Than a run-of-the-mill soap.

Suddenly an idea clicks in their mind.
It may be a flop or a great find.
People want instant news.
What if they get it a minute early?

Let others show advertisements,
They will show headlines.
They start off at eight fifty nine,
With hopes of an ominous sign.

Will it work?
Will it sell?
This is something perhaps,
I can’t tell.