Following is extract from RimWeb.Com

After a lot of Experiment and Strugle, I m succeeded in converting TATA PLUG2SURF to RELIANCE PLUG2SURF.

I brought a Sungil Make scx-1080 USB 1.x CDMA modem form TATA TRUE VALE SHOPE without Activation, after I installed the TATA dilar software in my PC, I placed the Reliance R-UIM in modem and connectd to PC, launched the dilar software, Dilar sofware asked me to enter PIN Number then I enterd the PIN no and MOdem is instlalised but i did’t found the Signal on dilar software and message is appeared “MIN VALUE IS OUT OF RANGE” after inserting the R-UIM more then five time my phone is locked. and message is appeard “PHONE IS LOCKED CONTACT SERVICE CENTER”. I tried to contact the Authorised service center and I aske him to convert this to Reliance He said taht is operator locked and it is not possible to convert.

After doing Throughly investagation and experiments I got the clue wher the phone is locking and MIN value is comparing with R-UIM. Ther I have done some modification I pluged the modem inserted the Reliance R-UIM and I got reliance signal (if signals is available modem will display green LED otherwise it display orange LED) Manually I have done the configration of modem setup and Internet connection setup after this i m able to connect the reliance to access the internet.